Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Affair Remembered

-Dear readers, please read all of the following paragraphs and reserve your feelings about these lines until you have finished reading. Remember, things are not always what they may seem.
~ I felt her eyes upon me. She had been studying me for several minutes. She set down her drink and reached out for me. When she touched me, I was swept up into the moment. Her knowing fingers first slowly moved upward and then slowly down. I felt her warm finger tips upon me sending shivers through me. I felt one finger pause at the tip of me as another traced and arcing path below.
~ She turned me, perhaps looking for the right spot. She raised me as if for a closer look and I obliged her proudly. It was then that I felt warmth of her lips upon me. Opening those lips she drew my tip ever so slightly between them. I nearly lost it as her tongue flicked against me.
~ Her fingers below slipped methodically down the length of me, testing my firmness. I was weakening, but excited, anticipating every touch of her fingers. Her tongue once again played upon me. Suddenly, there was a rush, like a searing boiling point had been reached. I felt the heat course through the entire shaft. All the while, her lips tight grip
increased as she drew in her breath. The entire length of me felt like it was on fire! Then there was a teasing breath exhaled back upon me. Having little time to savor that sensation, her lips then pursed again as she drew in more deeply than before.
~ Just when I thought I could take no more, she pulled me away from her moist lips. Her eyes appeared glazed and yet they remained on me. I could see her fumbling at the draw string of her robe with her free hand, daringly baring more of her glistening body.
~ Then she pulled me up again first against, then between, and finally into her parting lips. She inhaled, drawing on me long and hard. I wanted to scream! I couldn't contain myself when her tongue again touched and lingered at the end of me. Once again she exhaled her hot breath, yet so cool upon me, but this time she held me against one of the parted lips. Through the lips, I could just make out the moist tip of her tongue. It was moving toward me as she drew me toward it.
~ Once again she drew long, hard, and deep. It felt like my whole length was being consumed by fire. I was still feverish as she pulled me away from her face. I could see that now the robe was gone, a heap at her feet. As I was taking the vision of her nude body, I suddenly felt smaller, less full. It was as if I were dwindling. What was happening to me? I was shrinking....
~ She was then pushing upon me. This pushing became more frantic and desperate. She leaned back, settling into the hot bath water. I caught but a glimpse of a bare breast. Her fingers were easing their hold on me as she gave one final thrust upon my spent form.
~ I closed my eyes, releasing my inner tensions. I had experienced the ecstasy of a beautiful woman's lips upon me. I had been thrilled by her touch. It was an affair, a seven minute affair that satisfied both of us. I wasn't her first and I wouldn't be her last. For me it would the affair of a lifetime. An affair remembered forever. She, naked in the steaming bath as I lay spent, crushed, and crumbled. I was but a remnant, a reminder of an affair, an affair of a woman and a cigarette now flacid in an ashtray.
~I wish to note here that the above is not an original work or idea by me. I remember this from high school in the mid sixties. It probably originated long before that. I first saw it as a faded xerox copy. It has probably been floating around several decades before the internet came into being. I am sure it has taken on many forms and styles and been rewritten many times to reflect era and the existing mores. My version is just another rewrite copied from my memory. - the Pointmeister
~No. 38

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Affair Remembered

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