Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Blogged Arteries

I recently found this quiz in a dictionary on the shelf by the computer. I had at one time torn it from a magazine for future reference I suppose. I have no idea from what magazine or when it was published. There is no reference to an author or a study group. So, somewhere and somewhen, I took this article and stuck it in that book. From marks I had written upon it, it is painfully clear that I didn't fare so well, scoring only 3 out of 10. Then again, I have never claimed to be a dietician.
----------------------------------------WHAT'S YOUR CALORIE I.Q.?---
  1. Which usually has more calories: frozen chicken pot pie (1 serving) or pork tenderloin (3.5 oz.)?
  2. Chicken with cashews (1 cup) or sweet-and-sour pork with rice (1cup)?
  3. Fast-food taco salad with shell or Quarter-pound burger?
  4. A 6-inch roast beef submarine sandwich or a 6-inch tuna sub?
  5. Grated Parmesan cheese (1 table spoon) or roasted pumpkin seeds (1 oz.)?
  6. Grape Nuts cereal (1/2 cup) or Cheerios (1/2 cup)?
  7. Hot-and-sour soup (1 cup) or cheese-and-broccoli soup (1 cup)?
  8. Champagne (4 oz.) or margarita (4 oz.) ?
  9. Soft-serve ice-cream cone (1/2 cup ice cream) or yogurt covered raisins (1/2 cup)?
  10. Caesar salad (2 cups) or mixed-green salad with vinaigrette (2 cups)?

* The answers follow with the highest calorie content and count listed first for each question.

  1. Pot pie 567, Pork tenderloin 171
  2. Chicken 409, Pork 270
  3. Taco salad 850, Burger 420
  4. Tuna 527, Roast beef 288
  5. Seeds 126, Cheese 23
  6. Grape Nuts 208, Cheerios 55
  7. Cheese and broccoli 330, Hot and sour 134
  8. Margarita 240, Champagne 92
  9. Raisins 313, Ice cream cone 145
  10. Caesar salad 550, Mixed greens 175

* Well I hope you fared better than me. I should start learning these kinds of things of though. I am not getting any younger. I still like to eat though, and quite frankly well over of half of those 20 items above I don't even like. Yeah, you guessed it, the half I like are on the high end of the calorie count! Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow you diet! Please note that I said you and not I !

*No. 90


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