Thursday, March 10, 2005

Clock Watching

~ I can't believe it, I was actually watching the clock today. I haven't watched the clock in thirteen years, since I had a desk job. There I was, along with millions of others watching a clock on television no less. One station was even running the clock like a countdown at Cape Canaveral.
~ Now what is all the commotion over a clock you ask? You must not have been watching the news or listening to the radio. No, we weren't watching 60 Minutes. There is no introduction to a break through in clocks and time keeping. Nothing is wrong with London's Big Ben.
~ However, you would be excused if you thought that maybe time was standing still. You might also think that history is repeating itself. I must admit that the scene was eerily familiar.
~ The King of Pop was running late! Would he make it to the court on time? It wasn't a white Bronco this time around, but it was an SUV. It was in California. It does involve a celebrity. No, there are no juice jokes this time.
~ Michael Jackson showed up late for court today. He had on slippers and pajama pants, while wearing a dark jacket over a tee-shirt. A body guard was holding an umbrella over him. No, it wasn't raining. Apparently, Count Jackula cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. (I hope they removed all the mirrors in the facilities.) He was walking stiffly. Maybe rigormortis is setting in? He allegedly injured his back and was taken to the hospital, hence his tardiness.
~ I feel sorry for Jay Leno, who was asked to curb his jokes about Jacko. He must have been salivating over all that material going to waste. The scene admittingly, looked like a center ring clown routine for Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey's circus.
~ Initially the judge issued an arrest warrant and forfeiture of Jackson's three million dollars bail. In the end, the warrant was vacated and the trial was resumed.
~ Well that's why there was fascination with the clock today. Can any more weirdness related to Michael Jackson merit any more coverage? I'll leave the MJ watching to the reporters and journalists.
~ As I was walking down the street one day... a man came up to me and asked me what the time was that was on my watch, yeah. And I said ........

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