Monday, April 18, 2005

How Much Is That Bloggie In The Window?

Whenever I find the time, I like to browse around blog sites reading the efforts of other bloggers. I cannot help but to be amazed at the sheer variety out there, not only of style and subject matter, but also of the intelligence behind them. While some blogs are comprised of random, scattered thoughts, still others border on the bizarre. There is of course, the smattering of pornographic and racist materials out there also.
~ I am neither a critic nor a morality cop, and I apologize if I come across as either. I am just trying to see how and where I fit into the scheme of things. I read my fellow bloggers' postings with great interest.
~ I have my own style, usually in the forms of satire, humor and parodies, which have garnered me some measure of praise. It is not for the proverbial pat on the back that I write, but more so to purge my brain of thoughts and ideas that have been bouncing around in there for years.
~ Take the title of this blog for example, it obviously rings somewhat familiar to most. I have had that line written down for over three months, but not quite sure how to use it. Touring the Universe of Blogdom the last few days, I was also struck with the realization that many blogs are actually diaries of sorts. The authors open up and actually post "themselves" into their bodies of work.
~ I suppose some of me exists in my postings, although I have never sensed that I was consciously injecting myself into them. Another thing I noted was that many of the blogs were not only visited and read, but the readers were not shy about leaving comments. Since Jan.20, 2005, this will be the 112th blog I have posted. If I were to disregard the comments from my friends, real and cyber, I would be left with very few comments at all. The counter I use has recorded over 560 visits to my site, an average of 140 per month. Where are the comments?
~ It is now that I'll finally get to the point. Should I adapt to conform to the diarist style of blogging? Should I abandon my passion for satire, my love of humor, and my enjoyment of parodies? Perhaps there is a way that I can incorporate a more personal approach to my postings and yet maintain the personae I have already established.
~ How about it, blog readers? I guess you could say I am fishing for comments. There must be something wrong with the bait I am using! Maybe it is my antennae and I am transmitting on a different frequency. I don't know. I would appreciate your comments and/or advice that you might proffer. In the meantime, I'll go with the flow and stick with my thoughts and ideas as they trickle from my brain onto the keyboard.
~ For now, I am going shopping! By the way, how much is that bloggie in the window?

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