Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Prisons Do Have TVs

There is a buzz in Oshkosh, by gosh! One woman has found herself in an unenviable position. It's a dilemma no football fans in their right minds would want to face. Given the choice of giving up Green Bay Packers season tickets or going to jail for ninety days seems like a no-brainer to most people. Most people don't live in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area!
~ Sharon E. Rosenthal, 59, stole more than $3000 from labor union accounts before leaving her job. The money was used to pay household bills. Found guilty, she was sentenced Friday, 4/23, in Winnebago County Circuit Court on one felony count of theft. Judge Scott Woldt gave the Appleton, Wis. woman the option of donating her family's four Packers seats next season or to spend ninety days in lock up. The Judge suggested that the 3-game season package go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The jail time or the ticket donation will occur as part of her 2-year period of probation.
~ She has not yet indicated what she will do. It's a football fan's worst nightmare, especially when it comes to tickets for the Green Bay Packers. Fans there are among the most rabid in the country. Rosenthal's plight, not surprisingly, has sparked much debate in the county known for cheese, Oskosh clothing and of course the Pack!
~ One fan, a 40-something male who wished to remain anonymous, said he would go to jail. He said it took him much longer than ninety days to get his season's tickets. He spent over 12 years on the waiting list before he was able to garner his ducats. When asked what he would do if it were his wife facing the decision, he had no comment. The women of the area appeared to be split when asked what choice Rosenthal should make. One woman said that the Judge had levied a much too excessive punishment. Her daughter agreed, saying the decision was cruel and unjust and not fitting of the crime.
~ By the time the date is set for the sentence to begin and any possible appeals are filed, it could be late summer or early autumn before her time is actually served. There lies the tragedy one man said. Rosenthal would have to weigh whether to serve jail time when the season begins, or to stay home. Either way she will be unable to attend Packers games at Lambeau Stadium next season.
~ Hmm, now I understand this woman's dilemma. It's not that she herself would not be able to see the home games. The woman is clearly thinking of her family first. If she forfeits the tickets, she would also be denying her family to see the games. In jail, she would miss the games, but her family could attend the contests. I guess you can say that football is thicker than blood, even at the frozen tundra!
~ Another woman, sporting a Bret Favre jersey made it a point to note that either way, at least she can still watch the games on television. They do have TVs in prison, don't they?

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