Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Stones Are Rolling

While the Boston Red Sox are on the road, their home will not be empty. Even as the World Champs are invading another park, Fenway Park will be hosting an invasion of its own. There will no peanuts or Cracker Jacks. There will be no batting practice. There will be no close plays in the infield. All of the action will take place in right-center field.
~ There will be some music and singing, but it won't be "take me out to the ballgame" that will be heard for two nights. Fenway Park will be rockin' and the fans will be rollin'. For the second time in two hundred thirty years, there will be British invasion of Boston.
~ The Rolling Stones will kick off a tour with two concerts held in the shadow of the Green Monster. This will be the third consecutive year that the Red Sox have opened their house for a concert. In 2003, Bruce Springsteen gave a memorable and well received show. The following year, saw the costumed partying Parrot-heads gather to see Jimmy Buffet.
~ The tickets for the Stones' concert went on sale and were sold out in only a few hours. At $45 for the cheapest and up to $453 a piece for the premium seats, this show was out of reach for a lot of fans. Rest assured, not many of them will bid for tickets on the internet being offered as high as $3500 a piece!
~ A man purchasing a pair of tickets for himself and a date will have to fork over $906! That is excluding drinks, dinner and parking. (I'm letting out a long and loud whistle.)
~ In an article in the May 16 Boston Globe, Joseph P. Kahn did some research to see what someone could spend $906 to purchase. He came up with an interesting list:
  1. 2 nights for two (air fare included) at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel
  2. 4 shares of Google stock
  3. 50 months of Weight Watchers
  4. 1 box of Cohiba Espendio Cigars and a 1966 bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne
  5. 400 doses of Viagara
  6. 1 20 gigabyte iPod, plus every Rolling Stones' album downloaded onto it
  7. 6 front row Green Monster seats to a Red Sox-Yankees game ballpark franks for each
  8. 4 tickets to "The Lion King" on Broadway
  9. 2 Trek 2005 4500 Mountain bikes
  10. 4 Michelin high performance radial tires

~I also found a few things one could purchase for $906

  • 90 large supreme pizzas
  • 906 quick-pick lottery tickets - the day tickets went on sale, pot was $150 million
  • 1 1988 Nissan Pickup 4x4 (plus registration and first insurance installment with enough left over for a case of 12oz Michelob beer) two years ago I made such a purchase

~I suppose the high price for the tickets will help defray the fees for the case of Geritol and the EMT with the defibilator who stands by the ready behind Keith Richards. I'm not saying these guys are old, but they are practically antedeluvian. JFK was President when this band was forming. Boston pitcher Curt Schilling's father was playing baseball before the Stones crossed the Atlantic. It is said that Keith Richards was once mistaken as a member of the California Raisins.

~ While I am a fan of the Rolling Stones' music, I cannot be counted as one who would attend one of their concerts. Let me qualify that by stating I would have gone to see them back in the 60s and 70s, but not now! While some fans might not care that their voices crack and that they can no longer hit all the notes anymore, I do, sorry. I'll just be content listening to the original recordings. It is too bad that they cannot remix and remaster the concerts!

~ $906 for two tickets to see an over-the-hill band? No way! Not this person. I went over Kahn's list again to see what for what I would spend that sum. There is no doubt about it, nothing on the list could tempt or persuade me from taking the Michelin tires. To my buddy blue, ( no comments please about the 400 doses of Viagara!

~ Whoever it was that said a rolling stone gathers no moss, never took a good look at this crew! Hey, what can I say? They are still touring and still rolling in the money. They must be something right. Whether they gather moss or not, the green they are rolling in, gathers interest!



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Jude Allen said...

well, if i can't mention the viagra, can i at least say that buying a 4x4 for 900 bucks is a good deal? lol