Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Blog To Be Named Later

( I Remember reading about this contest a while back, but I kind of forgot about it. )
From May 19, through June 9, Eyebeam, a New York non-profit center for art and technology, sponsored a contest to prove just how rapidly any information can be spread on the World Wide Web. Sixty sites were entered and Forget Me Not Panties, Crying While Eating, and Blogebrity were the winners of the Contagious Media Showdown awards.
~ Forget Me Not Panties ( ) won the $2000 grand prize. It had 615,562 unique visitors and more than 20 million hits to the site in 22 days. The sight offered panties to track your unsuspecting wife or girlfriend; boasting: "These panties can give you her location, and even her temperature and heart rate, and she will never even know it's there!"
~ Crying While Eating ( ) won two $1000 prizes while gaining 386,638 unique visitors and more than 13 million viewings of 30-second video clips with, well, people crying while eating. It began with staged clips, accompanied by helpful one-line descriptions of the food and the source of the subjects' sadness. Readers have added additional video clips, boosting the total to 46. Readers can vote for their favorites, such as Spencer, gnawing on ribs while allegedly bawling because "his co-joined twin didn't make it." There is Dan, eating pot roast and mashed potatoes while sitting on the toilet, crying because he "failed to plan ahead."
~ Blogebrity ( ) preyed upon the egos of bloggers by not only promising a magazine about the on-line journalists, but also ranking them as A-, B-, or C-Listers. The site won $1000 for having the most blog links at 490.
Other sites featured a masked Ringtone Dancer, a movie about brain freeze and a break-up letter generator. These three, the three listed above, as well the other 54 entrants can be found listed at .
If you are interested you can visit the three winners via the links provided above, or you can visit the showdown site through the last link to review all the entrants.
~ ( Please note, that after I had posted this, I clicked on the links and all four of them came up: URL not found. I can only assume that they were shut down after the contest. My apologies if this caused you any grief.)

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the many Bs said...

No grief. I'll survive, sob sob, just wait until I finish crying in my cheerios.