Thursday, June 23, 2005

Honey-Do Vacation

It's hard to get excited about my vacation next week, it actually starts Friday after work and runs through the fifth of July. Don't get me wrong. I do need a week off from the job, but it won't necessarily be a relaxing week. I may just go back to work needing the rest. I have two projects that will be the main focus of the week. The one consolation will be that I can sleep in a little later each morning. (And stay up a little later.)
~ It will be the "revenge of the honey-do list." First, there is the bathroom. The wall paper has to be stripped. The woodwork has to be scraped. The ceiling has to scrubbed for some mildew spots. That, my friends, is just the preparation phase. Next will be the cleanup of course. Then the fun stuff can begin. The ceiling will be painted and then the woodwork. Lastly, I will be hanging the new wall paper. Thank you, Lord, it is not matched paper!
~ Omitted from the previous paragraph is the break time, which will allow me some relaxation for at least drafting a blog or two. Oh yes, I will sneak in a bite to eat also. Hey, I'm not getting paid union scale! I can probably sneak in a few games of Spelldown too over at Yahoo.
~ Finally, there is the kitchen. There, the tiles need to be replaced. That means I have to pull up the old ones and discard them. I will also have to rip off he old coving, the mop guard some call it. The old tiles were the peel-and-stick ones. Not so the new ones. They are the asphalt kind and they must be glued down. If you have ever laid tiles, you probably are aware of all the cutting required for the areas next to the walls. My kitchen floor will require five-inch cut pieces all around the perimeter. When that is finished, it will be time for the application of the new coving, also needing to be glued in place.
~ Those two projects are part of the on-going projects in preparation of my daughter's up-coming wedding on October the ninth. There are other chores, can you say myriad, that need to be done before that date also. They are smaller, easier jobs, some requiring an investment of an hour or two. I chose to do the two big jobs during a week of vacation, because there is too much going on during the weekends lately. I could foresee the bathroom started one weekend and not finished until the next, which in this case would be the Fourth of July weekend. By then, the bathroom would be going into a third weekend. I can only imagine the friendly "discussions" over the state of the project.
~ My wife's desire for these chores are justified, I must admit. Did I just say that? She wants the house to look good, especially the bath room and the kitchen. She would say, "I can't have the house looking like this for the wedding. The Maid-of-Honor and the Bridesmaids will be here the day of the wedding." I can find no logical reason to convince her otherwise. It is a Catch-11 for me. In a Catch-22 situation, you are wrong no matter what. But in a Catch-11 scenario, there is only one option - do it!
~ The other chores are weekenders. Wash the windows, fix a sticking door, carry a lot of stuff to the attic or the basement, or carry stuff up from the basement and down from the attic. Of course, the basement and attic relocation work will be in turn reversed after the wedding. It may only be June, but October will creep upon us before we know it.
~ After the bathroom and the kitchen, the honey-do list will dwindle significantly. Hell, it'll be almost manageable. I might actually be able to check off everything by the time summer is over. However, there is one item that I will personally add to the list. And that last item on the list? ..."Throw away that (bleeping) Honey-Do List note holder along with the pad!"


the many Bs said...

Poor Honey-Do. What a way to spend a vacation! That's the kind of stuff that I do on vacations also - Projects! I need a Honey-Do to do some projects at my house. How are you on putting down bamboo flooring? how about granite counter tops in the kitchen? Convert my wood fireplace to gas? (I have the gas) Oh Honey-Do. give up on losing the list. Enjoy your vacation - sleeping in, staying up late, crossing things off your list!

Jodi said...

Weird, I could have written that myself. Weekends have been working in the house for us. Hubby works upstairs, removing wallpaper and painting, and I am downstairs, ripping up carpeting and painting. Next is the downstairs bathroom which needs new flooring.
Enjoy your Honey-Do vacation, which will hopefully be followed by a Honey-Where's-My-Hammock vacation.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Hey! Who ever said that vacations were supposed to be relaxing?

Many times I go back to the office at "work" to recover! But there's relaxation in breaking the office routine, regardless of how hard you work on projects during the "time off."