Wednesday, June 29, 2005

In The Pink

We were able to shut off the air conditioners this evening, and open the windows to let in some fresh air. Using some fans, we can sleep without blankets tonight.
I am not looking forward to the summer electric bills. They are usually triple the bills of the other months. I guess that is the price we pay for complaining of the rough winter and rainy spring we had. I certainly posted enough about both the snow storms and the days and days of rain we had, therefore I have a lof catching up to do if I wish to post about the hot and humid spell we have been experiencing lately.

I have used "In The Pink" as a title and included some images of the Pink Panther. Because of the hot and the nice weather, we are able to dress down. With more skin exposed, we are in the pink! Of course we have to be careful and not get too much sun. I certainly don't plan to change the title to "In The Red," and I certainly do not wish to go surfing for images of lobsters. I have no desire to get sunburnt either.

Since I am off this week, I have been inside the house for most of the last few days. As such the air conditioning has been running more than normal. As chronicled in my Honey-Doings postings, I have a couple of projects inside. I wouldn't dream of painting a bathroom or hanging wallpaper in 85-90 degree days without the AC. The work is tedious, back breaking and knuckle busting, but a lot easier to accomplish in a cool house, not to mention more comfortable.

You might say I have trying to keep as cool as a cucumber. I don't think I could be as cool as the Pink Panther though. If I could figure out how to get sound on my site, you would be hearing Henry Mancini's "Theme to the Pink Panther" while you are reading this posting. But since I haven't, you'll have to imagine it is playing, as I was while I putting up this blog.

Since it past midnight, I will close now. I need some sleep to rest up for the painting chore awaiting me in the morrow.

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