Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mission: Possible

~ I like this image!
It suggests the insatiable desire I have to make my blogs more interesting. A few days ago, I was carrying my visitor counter in the body of each posting. I didn't like it there at all. At first I had it on the template and I had to copy and paste it to each new blog. I don't want to say it was a pain in the keester, wait, yes I do. It was a royal pain. Then I figured out I could have it come up everytime I created a new blog. But for some reason it appeared twice. I had to delete one of them. Then I could type up my blog with the text pushing the counter along until it reached the bottom of the page. Still it was a pain, and still the counter was in the posting, but it was better than copying and pasting to every blog.
Then a savior arrived on the scene. He asked a "dumb" question. Why did I have my counter in each blog? To which I had to give a "dumber" answer. It was there because I didn't know how to get it onto the sidebar. In a word, I was embarrassed. I felt rather stupid actually. That stupidity manifested itself as foolish pride and as such I wouldn't ask anyone.
~ Finally, I sat down and went through the directions. Like a bolt from the blue, it started to make sense. A few clicks here, a copy and a paste there, and voila! I am happy now. The counter is where it belongs. For good measure I also put up a clock that carries the present time. Just a little Tinker(bell)ing.
~ Like Pac-Man up there gobbling all he can, I will see what else I can do to make my postings look better. I suppose I'll probably start to reach over-kill at some point. So it is with the yearn to learn. What I thought was over my head, was actually under my nose all along. Uh-oh, I'll bet there are some schnozzle joke that just got set up.
~ Mission: Impossible? No, Mission: Possible! - Mission: Accomplished.


the many Bs said...

How many schnoodles does it take to post on your blog? Hey, don't feel bad about the counter thingie. I changed my template and completely lost my counter and all 186 hits on it. After much struggling and cussing, I finally managed to get a new one up and running, but lost those 186 hits forever. I'm as lame as you can get at this stuff. I have no idea how you got your cute little clock and those adorable animations. Look! You're exercising your brain!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Just like a man to NOT ask

Hale McKay said...

LMFAO! Touche', Karyn.