Saturday, June 25, 2005

My Little Girl

My Little Girl
My little girl
Grow up before my eyes;
Soon she will be leaving my world,
Walking the aisle with her lucky young man.
He mother and I wish the best,
Though we will be alone
We will be there
My Little girl
And he have a long life,
With many days of happiness;
Knowing we will be here in times of need,
The home left behind will be near.
We will be there gladly
With open arms
My little girl
With children of her own,
Will see them grow before her eyes
And walk the aisle as she had done before,
Grandma and Grandpa will watch too.
She will not be alone
They will return

1 comment:

the many Bs said...

That's a really sweet poem. I have a close relationship with my Dad also. He still thinks of me as his little girl.