Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Art Imitating Life

Have you ever noticed how life seems to imitate art? Or is that art imitating life? More specifically, have you ever observed how life imitates the movies? Or is that the movies imitating life?


For example, I'm sure most of you have thought about buying a house. (Think: The Money Pit.)

Have you ever went out on a blind date? ( Night of the Living Dead )

Have you ever gone out to eat at a new Italian Restaurant? ( Attack of the Killer Tomatoes )

Have you ever visited the Aviary at the zoo? ( The Birds )

Have you ever seen a fat person climbing out of a swimming pool? ( The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms )

Do any of you women find yourself attracted to men in uniform? ( The Cable Guy )

Have you ever wondered if you'll be able to afford to send your kid to college? ( Mission: Impossible )

Have you ever worried about your daughter's first date alone with a boy? ( Girls Gone Wild )

Do you like to pick wild flowers? ( Day of the Triffids )

Have you ever been worried about your kid's performance at college? ( Animal House )

Do you have to take a bus to get to work? ( Speed )

Have you ever had a visitor that just didn't know when to leave? ( What About Bob? )

Are your landscapers suspicious looking? ( The Texas Chain Saw Massacre )

Have you ever had a problem with mice? ( Willard )

Guys, do ever think of the consequences when you cheat on your significant other? ( Attack of the 60-Foot Woman )

There's 15 examples of the movies imitating life, or vice versa, that I could think of. Can you think of any more?


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