Monday, July 25, 2005

Busting Out

Well I worked up the nerve. I have begun posting a short story on my blog. The first installment is in three parts. I originally wrote this story several years ago in response to a contest sponsored by
a Sci-Fi/Fantasy magazine. The magazine was celebrating an anniversary of its publication. I forget now just what anniversary it was. To be accepted for consideration, I had to fill out an application for entry into their Short Story Hunt.

One field asked for a brief synopsis of my story. It seems they weren't going to burden themselves with reading every short story submitted, but rather they reviewed the synopses to determine if it met their magazine's standards and format. I had completed the story before I received their rejection notice. Apparently my yarn failed to meet their criteria. Imagine, getting a rejection notice without even submitting a manuscript. I never even got around to typing it. Over the years, that hand-written manuscript has disappeared. My searches for it have been fruitless.

I had been toying with the idea of attempting to write a short story to post here, but I wasn't sure if I was up to creating something from nothing. But I remembered my old script of The Quill and the Quire. I could remember the basic story for the most part. The character's names, the names of the establishments, etc., however were lost. What the heck I thought, after all what's in a name? As for the dialog, that would come as the story unfolds.

The first three parts, Welcome to Edinburgh, The Antique Shop, and Dinner and Drinks have all spewed forth rather easily. Here's hoping that the rest come as easy. I could make the dialog more interesting if I actually tried to capture a true Scottish genuflection, but I decided not to go there. (It canna take more, Cap'n!)

I am looking forward to the project through its end, as well as looking forward to any and all comments any readers may post. Pour it on folks, especially those of you who been published. A critique whether positive or negative, is most welcome. Structure, spelling, grammar, tenses, etc., all are subject to your approval.

Thank you in advance for your candor and patience.



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the many Bs said...

I haven't had time to read through the first 3 chapters yet. You write faster than I can read! I'll get caught up this week though. You know you can always count on me for a comment or two!