Friday, July 29, 2005

Dog-gone Cute

.I am posting this picture for no other reason than I thought it was cute. It also means that there are other people out there who dress up their animals in costumes. MY daughter buys a new Halloween costume for the two dogs each year. Let's see, there has a bumble bee costume, a lady bug, a fireman, etc.

But none of them looked this cute! Of course, I think by their very nature, small dogs are more "suited" to be dressed up.

Looking it in the eyes, I wondered how long it had to pose before its master finally got the desired shot. "No, no. Sit! Stay!" Like Ralphie in the pink bunny suit from the movie "A Christmas Story," did the suit come right off after the photo session?

What must it be thinking? Ah, that's the idea, folks. What is a good caption for this pic?

"One wave of this wand - Poof! - You're a fire hydrant!"

"You show that picture - I'm telling the wife you've been wearing her underwear!"

"No, Rocky-boy don't want to go out!"

Well that's three quick ones from me. Maybe someone else can come up with a good one.


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the many Bs said...

Bailey has always liked to play "dress up" and I'll post some photos of him in various outfits. He has never had a full costume though. I think what he enjoys about it is all of the attention that he receives.
The boys also have quite a selection of bandanas, but haven't worn them too much since Bijou died. We'll have to start wearing them again one of these days.