Friday, August 26, 2005

Name That Personality

In Karyn's posting of 8/20/05, Blog Analysis, she asks of us "What's your blogging personality?" I sat back and gave it some thought and decided that it was a much too difficult question to answer without some serious forethought.

My original approach to this blogging thing was clouded in anonymity by first creating a pseudonym - Hale McKay. The information that I provided for the profile was entered only in the required fields. My age, real name and hometown were omitted. Later on this was fixed because I realized that I wasn't ashamed of my age, name or background.

In the end though, I may have made myself a little more enigmatic than I had originally intended. For I ended up with not one, not two, but three distinct identities. (Makes note to self: This is not the right time for Cybil jokes.) It is all three of those personalities that reflect "the me." There is, of course, my real name Mike, my pen name of Hale McKay, and bringing up the rear is The Pointmeister.

Mike is the brains of the triumvirate, the weaver of the ideas. It is his daily observations that become the fodder for a potential blog. The Pointmeister is the one who injects the humor, satire and or irony into Mike's experiences and memories. Hale then stirs the batter provided by Mike and the flavoring that The Pointmeister adds to the mixture. It is Hale who who bakes the concoction and sets the table with the feast for the guests to digest.

Neither praise nor criticism can be or should be doled out to the entity that sits before the keyboard. That is but the shell that houses "the me." If you don't like, are offended, or disagree with a particular posting, it is The Pointmeister you should chastise. Now if it is mundane, not well written, or not structured properly, you can blame Hale. Lastly, if you are brought to a chuckle, a giggle, a laugh or a ROFLMAO, it is Mike you should lay the praise upon! But please, don't applaud. Throw money!

In summary, I guess you could say that my blogging personality is the amalgamation of the three. Mike is the Depository. Hale is the Librarian. Alas, that makes The Pointmeister the Suppository.

(Here's a factoid that can be filed under: "I did not know that!" Impress your friends with this amazing fact. Did you know that bell peppers contain more Vitamin C than oranges? Well, now you know.) -The Pointmeister



OldHorsetailSnake said...

It would seem, then, that a renaming is in order:

"The Prunemeister."

Does the pepper factoid stand true if the pepper is peeled, squeezed, or reconstituted?

kenju said...

Mike, thanks for checking out my site and commenting. I lived on the west side; graduated from Stonewall, and I am a good bit older than you!

the many Bs said...

I have only one blogger personality - schnoodlepooh, schnoodlepooh, and schnoodlepooh. Easy!