Saturday, August 27, 2005

A Taste of Honey

She marveled in anticipation as she prepared to remove that which enclosed it. She had already been fondling it, running her fingers up and down its length. Clad as it was, it still filled her with excitement. Experience, however, had taught her that only a brief moment of teasing could be tolerated.
...She hastily tore at its confines and reaching inside hungrily pulled it out. Exposed, she sighed in near ecstasy as she ran her eyes along the length of its rigid shaft-like form. To her it had always reminded her of a piece of field artillery. Her tongue gently, sensually began to travel across her lips. To her glee she saw that at its tip dew-like droplets had formed.
....She could wait no longer. Her lips closed slightly and slid easily onto it. She lingered at the tip, her tongue rapidly flicking there. Suddenly she drew it in deeper. In one delightful moment it disappeared into the depths of her mouth. She was rewarded with the release of its juices. She slowly began to move back and forth, the force of the suction enough to draw forth the excess juices.
....There was a gentle popping sound as it emerged from between her lips. Its entire length glistened from the tender caresses her tongue had been supplying. She was shifting it in her hand, moving it so that she could view it from all angles. Why was this glorious cannon ever hidden from view? It was created to be kissed, licked and suckled. Her only disappointment in life was that she couldn't savor all of them.
....Was she being too promiscuous for one her age? It was not something she dared to dwell on. If so, so be it. Morning, noon or night, any time one of these majestic shafts of pleasure was available, she was going to pay homage to it. The juiciness and the wonderful taste of them was too irresistible for her to ignore. She giggled at the thought of a line of them as far as she could see, bared and standing proud anticipating her lips upon them.
....She was going down on it again, alternating between rapid frantic thrusts and slow but long draws upon it. While it was still rigid, she could sense that it was becoming softer and that the sweetness of the juices was abating.
....Before this day she had only suckled one at a time. Today was different, for today she was going to have seconds. She leaned back and propped herself on her elbows. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply. She had never been so contented. Her yawn was not so much an expression of boredom, but more of an attempt to stretch the muscles that would be employed again in a few moments.
....She was pulling he other one out into the open air. She grinned impishly as she noted it was already glistening. It was beginning to ooze its juices before she had even inserted it into her waiting mouth. How marvelous, she thought that they came in pairs. They were twins. How lucky she was that she could have them both, one after the other.
....In all of her six years, she had never dreamed that her mother would allow her to perform these acts. She was going into the first grade soon and she wondered if the other little girls had experienced this pleasure.
....The second one was just as delicious and satisfying as the first had been. She giggled as she opened her lips to take in the other half of the Popsicle.
....She heard giggles on the other side of her mother's bedroom door. It sure sounded like daddy was sharing his Popsicle with mommy.


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