Saturday, August 27, 2005

Perils of Prolificacy

Sometimes I write what I think is a pretty good piece. Pretty good to me refers to humor. I like to think that humor is my niche. But sometimes, he who laughs last didn't get he joke! It is then that the joke appears to be on me. (Tough crowd in here last night!) If all the world is a stage, it must then hold true that tomatoes grow abundantly in front of it.

It's the old virtuous battle of quantity vs. quality. It's prolificacy vs. proficiency.

My last two postings seem to illustrate that battle. Being prolific, one would think, gives me the ability to exhibit a wider range of material as well as more of it. Is this ambiguity working against me? If I write more, don't I have a better chance of catching lightning in a bottle? Or will it come up ambsaces? If I am indeed writing too much it would follow that there is too much to read.

My posting of "A Taste of Honey," was one of those pieces that I thought was quite good. I was looking forward to reading the comments. I had anticipated some readers "being had" until the last few lines. At first, I was going to open with a warning prolegomenon in the form of a disclaimer. "Reader, don't stop reading. Read on, everything is not always what it appears to be." Way back in February I posted "Affair Remembered," No.38, which began with such a prologue. As was the case back then, I was afraid it would spoil the surprise.

After "A Taste of Honey" was posted I noticed that my visit counter was about to hit 4000. That prompted me to rush up the posting "Pete, Ty And Me." It was a combination of a pat on the back and a thank you to those visitors. It because of that posting after "Taste" that inspired this current posting. I am beginning to think that a lot of readers land on the most recent post and then move on. If all I have to write about is self-edification, why should a visitor surf through my site? He/she could easily think that the final post was an indication of anything else posted previously.

I was convinced that "A Taste of Honey" was not being read at all. The one I wanted to be read, the one I was anxious to read the comments, the one I thought was pretty good, why it was skipped completely!

But along comes Old Hoss, like the Calvary, to the rescue. He had read it but made his comment on the last posting. As everyone knows, his comments can be and often are an extension of his postings and are quite funny.

I just have to resign myself to the fact that not everyone leaves comments whether they like what they read or not. I myself do not always leave a comment on every blog I visit. But if I enjoyed what I read, I make it a point to let the author know.
I'll just have to be proliferous and proficient at the same time.

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the many Bs said...

I did read A Taste of Honey. I read every one of your posts. You must know that by now. I didn't leave a comment because I didn't know what to say - unusual for me, but true. I think that most of us bloggers LIVE for comments. Like Hoss says, we're comment whores. About 98% of the time, I will leave a comment, even if it's just one sentence. I want the person to know I was there. Most of the time. If you have 4000+ hits, you know people are reading your blog. I doubt that most people click into their blogs 50 times per day like I do (okay, maybe only 20, but only when I'm at work). That will effect your hit counter, you know.

But I figured out the popsicle thing right from the get-go on The Taste of Honey. I've been eating popsicles lately, and I'm familiar with the scenario. however, I like the ones that are one long popsicle on one stick, not the twin pops. Also, the swirling colors/flavors are the best! I also love snow cones. You know what they say about people who love to chew on ice? (don't tell my dentist)

:-) too bad you don't get extra credit for extra long comments.

the many Bs said...

BTW, I enjoy the humorous pieces the most also. Those are your best. My favorites are still your Honey-Do posts. You have the downtrodden husband attitude down perfectly!

Hale McKay said...

Thanks. And by the way, I was being a tad facetious too.

Karyn Lyndon said...

I received a comment from you in my mail but it never showed up on the blog...weird. I didn't want you to think I deleted it.

And I hadn't read your Taste of Honey post(see Freaky Friday about the new firewall at work)...but now Schnoodlepooh gave away the ending...

Oh, and Schnoodle...I LOVE snowcones, too! But soon snowcone season will be over...


Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog last night! You've got a great place here too!

Enjoy your weekend!

the many Bs said...

OOps, sorry I gave away the ending for Karyn. Sorry Sorry :-(

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yes, Meister. It is not good form to top yourself. I once wrote a brilliant guest post, and another guest topped it 30 minutes later, so mine never got the huzzahs for which it rightfully lusted.

I doubt I will ever get over it. I am a beaten man.