Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's A Small Blogger World

Today I managed to visit everyone on my blogroll. I don't usually get a chance to visit everyone every single day, but I do eventually catch up sometime during the week.

This week however, I found myself seriously back-logged. Was I lazy? Was I negligent? No, you might say I have been on tour. Like many of you, I have strayed following Hoss across the country.

While I have enjoyed enjoyed reading the blogs he has led us to, I have been remiss in reading my own links. Factoring in posts of my own, I had to use a lot of self-constraint to avoid reading the links on those sites I have visited via Hoss.

I'm not sure if I was disappointed or glad, but Hoss has taken a sabbatical from his excellent new job as Blog Guide today. Even the man upstairs took the seventh day off. I did not intend to make deific comparisons, Hoss.

The magazine cover displayed here has nothing to do with the title, but the focus is on the picture itself. The whirlwind tour I have been on feels like I've been circumnavigating the globe.

Tomorrow is Monday and when the Hoss-porter transports us around his blogroll, at least I can say, "I'm caught up, Hoss. Lead and we will follow. I'll pack a lunch and bring some clean underwear.



Pernicious Panda said...

Yep, Hoss will take you places you never knew existed. Is that how you found me?

Hale McKay said...

Yes, I confess. I found you from a Hoss recommendation. And when he says a site is a good one - sure enough it is.

the many Bs said...

Hoss reads 103 blogs per day, so he says. I'm really happy if I read 10, and those have to be short ones! Too many good blogs out there and not enough time!

void said...

Thanx for stopping by and commenting - yes, Hoss is an interesting and entertaining guy! ;)