Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Incredible Shirking Man

After a tough day at work, it sure feels good to settle down at the computer with a life restoring cup of hot coffee. It feels good to get out my work clothes and into my blogging outfit.

A quick check of the mail was fruitful. Finally my new Hooters calendar has arrived. Here's a picture of it. Check out May!!

As I sit here typing these words onto the screen before me, I have begun to assess some unfinished projects. The most recent is my series "Distaff and Datstaff" about funny sexploits of some people with whom I partied and worked. To date I have only managed to post two installments of a total of 14 episodes, the last of which was on Nov. 30, although a third is sitting as a current draft awaiting completion.

I am far more negligent at another project that was near and dear to my heart. I am referring to a short story that I had been posting. Indeed, I have posted eleven chapters in all. The short story began to take on the proportions of a novella. I will venture to guess that those eleven chapters represent a little more than one third of the completed story. My last entry was posted somewhere around the middle of August, 2005. The name of the story is The Quill and the Quire.

Soon, very soon, I hope to continue the project. I will not make the same mistake that I made back then. I need to write and post one chapter per week. I must first go back and read what has been posted so far in order to get a feel for the story again. You see, I tended to 'superimpose' myself on the main character and was "living" the story as it unfolded. That was working just fine until I began to jump ahead beyond the current posting. "Future" facts of the story began to get confused with the story's "present," to the point that I didn't know where I was.

Beginning in about the third week of September, 2005, the story appears on the following posts: Nos. 256, 257, 258, 261, 265, 268, 270, 275, 276, 280, and 288. I guess I would classify the story as part suspense, love, occult, and horror. When I finally get around to resuming the project, I will first post a recap of the first eleven chapters to spare anyone the task of going back into my archives, although they are welcome if they choose to do so.

To anyone who may have been wondering what happened to the story, especially Schnoodlepooh, I appologize for letting it hang in limbo for so long.

Between now and then, I need to purge all of these ideas that been running rampant in my head. I need to commit them to notes and clear up some "space on my hard drive."

Speaking of random thoughts and ideas, do you need any further proof about global warming? Check out womens underwear over the last several decades.



Peter said...

You are way more organized than me Mike, as an example the beer story was written this morning when I suddenly realised, hey you need to post something and you've done "just jokes" enough for now!!
I'll earmark the archives for Quill & Quire just in case you stall on the project and I forget what I've read, You know about "senior moments??"

Peter said...

BTW, just had one of those senior moments, I came here to tell you to check the addendum of that post. FOSTERS Rules.

StringMan said...

I love the Hooter's calendar. I tried to date a Hooters girl once. I called her for a date and introduced myself, but she kept saying "Who? Who? Who?"


I'm not even supposed to be here today said...

I feel for you... writing is a tough racket. It's not easy to have the self-discipline to stay on track with various projects. Good luck to you.

the many Bs said...

Are you EVER going to finish that story???? Now, you will probably have to reprint it all over again just to refresh my memory and let all of your other readers catch up on the suspense.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the Sunday funnies!
I love a good laugh!

I hear ya on staying on track. I got sidelined with the blasted BlogBeast and lost the roll I was on with my novel.

Best wishes to you for completion!