Thursday, March 16, 2006

Once Upon A Time In The Future

Although it is an obsolete program, I have finally managed to get Time Blog Matrix 3.0 up and running. That explains why you will be, are able to read this blog when you were are supposed to have read it - today. Strange, but it's confusing to say the least, to post this blog on this date, but it is necessary. It had to be posted when it was supposed to be. The very fabric of the Space-Time Continuum was at stake.
....It's ironic when I think of it. No, it's maddening. Even as I will have been posting it, I will have already posted it both today and then. As confusing as this is to me to make this post comprehensible, I fear the opposite will be the result. While I am posting it for him, he is posting it for me.
....Let me start at the beginning. Whether its my beginning or his is no longer germane. We are one and the same, and yet not. Suffice it to say, it is our beginning.

I had toyed around with this idea for quite awhile. Then on Sunday, there was a coincidencal chain of events that put me back on that thought process again. First, I was flipping around on the TV set with the remote possibility I would find something that could hold my interest for a while.
.... One click landed me on the movie "The Demolition Man," starring Sly Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock. Since I had seen it nearly a dozen times, I resumed surfing. The next stop gave me "Back To The Future," which I liked but it never rated a second watch. When I landed on "The Bicentennial Man," I considered giving it a go for about the fourth time. Robin Williams as an android that lives two hundred years to become almost human was an interesting theme the other four times, but number five didn't happen that day.
....Then I hit one of those dimwitted Brendon Fraser films "Blast From The Past," giving me pause to realize that there was a pattern developing before my eyes. When I landed on the local sports network, NESN, they had a feature on the All Star game that was played at Fenway park. That game marked the last public appearance of Ted Williams. I saw a continuation of the pattern even here.
....As most people know Teddy Ballgame died shortly there after. To the horror of many, Ted was placed in cryogenic storage. Returning the set to The Demolition Man to let it play in the background, I fired up the HP. The southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn bread dinner wouldn't be ready for another hour, so I decided to go on line.
....While reading some of the works from my Blogroll,
Tan Lucy Pez was discussing the disposition of herself when she dies. There it was on the screen in her Blog, a reference to Cryogenics. I had to sit back and assess what was happening, especially the reoccurrence of a theme. In The Demolition Man, both Stallone's and Snipes' characters were brought back to life from their Cryogenic stasis in the future. Back To The Future concerned time travel to the future. The Bicentennial Man lived for two hundred years into the future. Blast From The Past was a little different. Brendan Fraser's character comes out of a bomb shelter he'd entered with his family several decades earlier. Although he'd aged, he in essence had emerged into the future.

That brings me to that idea I had been toying with for a while. Suppose I was to recieve an e-mail from myself ... from the distant future. In the e-mail I learn I was ... will be cryogenically preserved due to an untimely death from an undiscovered terminal disease. My future self "tells" me that by the year 2500, they will have found a cure and as such revived me almost five hundred years after my "death."

After the cultural shock of five centuries worth of changes, almost unimaginable, and hours of psychiatric re-conditioning, I was allowed to pursue a life. Others had preceded me in the past, and as such I was not a novelty. For the most part, I was simply ignored like any other person of the 26th Century. I maintained nearly all of my memories from 2006. When I remembered that I had been maintaining a Blog, I wondered if it would still be accessible after so much time had passed.
....I cannot divulge too much to you about the technological and medical advancements that have occurred since I died. You must remember that there is the Space-Time Continuum stream that must not, cannot be interrupted. Having said that, I was both surprised and pleased that I was able to find and access my ancient blog.
....To my horror I discovered that this post was missing! It hadn't been posted! Yet it was posted. This was the nightmare that theorists had predicted - a paradox. Somewhere, somewhen something in the flow of time had been changed because of a blog, or to be precise the lack of a blog. You see, that left me with a crucial dilemma. In a way I was the crux of my own paradox. This post will not be posted until I send myself an e-mail. How could I? I was dead! The fact that I am posting this confirms that fact. The perplexing part of this is the fact that while I recall posting this blog, I do not recall receiving an e-mail from myself.
....I, meaning my 21st Century self, would not be able to reply to that e-mail. First of all, the Time Blog Matrix software will not have been developed until the year 2285. Since I have no recollection of receiving the e-mail, I have no idea if this blog will be posted, inspite of my efforts. Perhaps I still exist in your/my future/present because I did receive the e-mail. The paradox may lie there. Once my 2006 self reacts to the e-mail and fulfills the proper time line, there will have been no need for an e-mail to have been sent back in time in the first place. With no e-mail sent from the year 2500, I could not have received it in 2006.
....I will never know what will happen when, once I have pressed that "send" key. Here goes ....................

There has been a strange chain of coincidental events happening today. Why are there so many movies on television today featuring time travel and cryogenics? Isn't it odd that
Tan Lucy Pez would be mentioning cryogenics too? It must be some quirk of fate, I guess. It reminds me of an idea I have been toying with. What if I were to receive an e-mail ... from myself ... from the future ....



StringMan said...

Your imagination knows no bounds, Mike. Welcome back ... or bye ... or ... I don't know!

Cheri said...

Okay Mike...I gotta go get another cup of coffee before my brain can absorb all of that. Extremely deep yet certainly makes you think....hmmmm

And I thought I'd see a knock knock joke today! lol

Duke_of_Earle said...

Well, I think that maybe your famous hit-the-nail-on-the-head hammer might have missed once or twice and managed to find YOUR head.

Or maybe it hit mine. I know I've got a headache, but I thought it was from figuring out that post.


Webmiztris said...

i know there is some website where you can email yourself at some point in the future, but i can't remember the name of it!!

Karen said...

"Back To The Future"... loved that movie!

FnQueen said...'re killing my brain cells! Dammit Mike stop it, I already have CRS (Can't Remember Shit) and need all the brain cells that are floating around in there. LOL

Karyn Lyndon said...

That brings up some good points. How long can blogs remain "abandoned" before they're deleted...and after 50 years in a frigid state (the temperature kind)...would I be able to recall my password???

Unknown said...

Oy! (And I'm not even Jewish - LOL)

I'm guessing dead blogs will get deleted when the servers start filling up. Yahoo used to let you open a mail account and it could sit there for years, but now they close unused ones after only four months (I learned the hard way LOL)

Now (or then LOL) My very bright son read a book called "Hyperspace" and then attempted to explain the concepts to his not-so-bright mother. It is about string theory, and time as a river, that can flow, branch off, rejoin itself, run into the ocean of time, evaporate, fall as "time rain" and become part of the river again. How's that for tough to wrap your brain around? LOL

The author thinks time travel is probably possible through "worm holes" (Hey kids! It's not just a a Star Trek term anymore! LOL), where time kind of folds back over on itself, like salt water taffy LOL

So there you have it.

Time is wet candy. LOL

Best wishes for a wonderful St. Patrick's Day (which may be tomorrow, but I'm not real sure anymore LOL)

(Oh lord, my word verification will take me into hyperspace - it is about 50 characters long!)

Peter said...

Mike, Mike, Mike, ya GOTTA keep takin' the meds man, see what happens when ya miss a day or two... hundred.

Unknown said...

I am starting to freak out a bit after reading your post about time travel and coincidence. LOL

Visited another blog right after being here and found their most recent post on the same subject!

Had to share (cosmic consciousness maybe?)

Anyway, the other site is called “Scribe’s Writing Desk” and is at:

Take care!


PS I left them a note about you too - LOL

Shannon akaMonty said...

I tried to comment on this the other day but effing blogger was down...

Anyway, I THINK I said I was about a half step from believing that you actually did send yourself an email from the future.

Wouldn't that be cool?

**note to future self: please email me so I know for sure.

My brain hurts.