Sunday, May 21, 2006



15 minutes? It takes me an hour or more! What's that make me? An Uber Geek?

Faster than a posting! Able to read over 50 Blogs! More powerful than sleep...

Kryptonite! Waterloo! Custer's Last Stand! I am not invulnerable!

Saturday's post was the one of the few times that I could not come up with an idea for a post. I had to resort to visiting one of those Generator sites. I took two pictures, a comic book page and a TV news report, added my own captions and called it a "post."

It was bound to happen. I knew it would sooner or later. I have published 634 postings in the 485 days I have been blogging, an average of 1.3 blogs per day. It was inevitable the streak would come to an end. (Look at Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak and Lou Gerhig's ironman run. I'm ignoring Cal Ripken because he was hurting his team for the sake of the record.)

I wasn't trying for any records. I was simply purging my brain of memories and thoughts. Oh, it isn't empty just yet, although I need to pour in some STP to get it to run properly again. Miss Cellania suggested in a comment that I could write about how difficult it is to find material for a blog.

Well this Ubermensche is not so uber. A recent neck injury (a contusion) is the culprit. It's not easy to be funny, which I try to be, when you're in pain. My concentration is distracted by other neurons entering my head. I'm sure I'll be back to my abnormal self soon enough.

It is my insight (sic) X-ray vision that is weakened. Ladies, you won't have to wear that lead-lined clothing for a while. I can only maintain the ability to see through the material long enough for just a short, but too quick cursory glance at the moment. My most recent "insight" occurred when a famous celebrity walked past me on the street. Why couldn't it have been Rosanne? Did I have to have the problem when Betty Boop chanced to pass by me? I could only manage to penetrate one layer for he briefest of moments.

MySpace Layouts

MySpace Layouts
My pledge is to recover from this malady soon. Maybe then, my insight will be back at full strength. Maybe then my insight will have returned before the ladies bring out the lead-lined clothes again. Who knows, maybe Betty Boop will come into my range again.

Maybe, just maybe I can post something that might, just might be ... funny?



Cheryl said...

15 minutes? Really? I shudder to think what a geek I must be.

poopie said... can't ALWAYS be funny! *snort*

kenju said...

I am sorry about the pain. It is ionevitable that we run out of ideas sometimes, isn't it? I sure do. I resorted to taking notes in church this a.m., so I would have something to blog about when I got home....LOL

Peter said...

At the rate of 1.3 posts per day are you really surprised that you hit the wall?
But it's good to see you are bouncing back with this little gem.

Cheri said...

1.3 a day..that's pretty impressive there. Now, even your "Can't think of a post" post was brilliant.....

Okay, I want your betty boop....I am going to have to steal it!! I love it better than the one I posted!!

Now honey, I bet you will find something great to post about tomorrow...I can just feel it!! XOXO

TMelendez said...

you are funny when you are not funny! I loved this!

By the way.. DiMaggio and Gehrig -- YANKEES!!

WHat happened to your neck???


Josh said...

That is REALLy impressive numbers. I always seem to have too much to say too.