Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Story Behind The Story

My two previous posts centered around "the Revolving Door Affair." For the details and background behind the story, you can catch up by reading The Moral Of The Story.
....It's ironic that sometimes humor can be found in the pain and suffering of others. Indeed, the misfortune of others has been the cornerstone of comedy, especially slap stick comedy, throughout the history of entertainment.
....It's inherently funny to laugh when someone slips on a banana peel, steps on the business end of a rake, or simply becomes the target of a well-aimed pie. Of course, if one is on the receiving end of these unfortunate fates, it isn't quite so laughable.

I suppose it was an involuntary reaction that had caused me to break out in a fit of laughter at the expense of that person trapped in that revolving door, but I couldn't help it.
....Was I laughing because 'her' skirt had been ripped off? Was I laughing because 'she' wasn't wearing any underwear? Maybe I was laughing because the 'she' turned out to a 'he?'
....I most certainly wasn't laughing at his "equipment," so much as I was at his predicament. Knowing how mortified I would have been had I been placed in his position, I found myself wondering just what chain of events in his life had brought him to that moment. (For the record, with or without underwear, I would have never been wearing a wrap-around skirt in the first place; a leather mini with a slit up the side - maybe.) Ahem ... Back to the post....

In the second post, The Rest Of The Story, a trio lovable senior citizens provided me with three different, if not funny far-fetched, reports of what had happened at the UPS office.
....As promised, I managed to procure a copy of the small community newspaper to see how the story was covered. I'm sure you are familiar with the very fitting adage: "If a dog bites a man it's not news, but if a man bites a dog - that's news!" This weekly newspaper subscribed to that philosophy wherein: "If a woman gets trapped in a revolving door it's not news, but if it's a man dressed as a woman, now that's news!"
....So, how did a man wearing a wrap-around skirt sans underwear come to be trapped in a revolving door at the main entrance to an office building? ....And why?

I've decided to have a little fun with this, positively my last post on this matter, and provide you with a little quiz. Seeing how I was given three different versions of the story from the seniors across the street, I'm going to give you some different facts that may or may not have appeared in the newspaper's accounting of the facts. One version will be the truth as reported by the paper, while the rest will be fabrications from the twisted but creative mind of this Blogger.
....Your mission, should you accept it, will to be to determine which scenario is the correct one. (Not to worry, this Blog will neither self-destruct, nor will your actions be disavowed.) I will identify the correct one on the comments section. (No peeking until you have made your selection.)

Scenario I: The man was a college student acting out a prank, which was an initiation challenge for acceptance into a Fraternity.

Scenario II: The man was visiting a doctor's office for consultation on having a sex-change operation.

Scenario III: The man actually worked in the building. For six months, disguised as a woman, he had been employed by a clinic that counselled young women on such issues as promiscuity, STDs, and unwanted pregnancies.

Scenario IV: The man was a professional cross-dresser who moonlights delivering "singing telegrams." He was there to wish someone a Happy Birthday. (I wonder if he was going to sing "Candle In The Wind?")

Scenario V: The man was a pervert who had come there to expose himself to a large public audience. He ended up putting on more of a show than he had anticipated. He was a registered sex offender.

There you have it. Which one of the five scenarios do think is the real one? I tried to make the four fake ones as plausible as possible. You didn't really expect an easy quiz, did you?



Hale McKay said...

It is a sad state of affairs, but the correct answer is: Scenario III.

It is beyond me, how this man not only applied for this job, was hired, and yet managed to keep up the charade for several months.

If you ask me, the clinic's Human Resources Dept. personnel who hired him have egg on their collective faces.

The man was unceremoniously fired on the spot. He has retained a lawyer, as there are sure to be legal issues in light of this matter.

Did you guess correctly?

Jack K. said...

I guessed wrong, #1.

Good quiz.

Peg said...

Am trying to comment but have been having the worst trouble of all!! I can't!! Seems even the removal of cookies and what nots hasn't done the trick and hoepfully for the last time I will be able to get this to you, if not, stop by my place and we will talk!!

Tara Tainton said...

What a hilarious rendition of this "big news" story! And it provides such a view of humanity itself. Thanks for the fun read... and for introducing me to your blog.


wazza said...

Gidday Mike, I got it wrong as I picked No. 2....oh well!!
You stated "the misfortune of others has been the cornerstone of comedy, especially slap stick comedy, throughout the history of entertainment." This so much reminds me of....come on guess...The Three Stooges. Funny post ole' son.

Christina said...

Hell no, I guessed wrong. I,too, guessed #1. Based on my college experience, that one was definitely plausible.

Anonymous said...

I think that your posts on 'real life' are my favorite, that includes your 'honey do' posts. I miss them. I've been sadly too busy to read all my favorite blogs every day.

What I want to know is was this guy a "transgender" person? you know - a woman trapped in a man's body.

And the reason we like to laugh at other people's (and our own, of course!) foibles, is because it's better to have a sense of humor and LAUGH than to cry. I hear that laughter is healthy for your body, so why not laugh at every opportunity.


Fred said...

Dang - I was wrong. I was going for II.

Peter said...

Having recently seen TransAmerica, which is an excellent movie BTW I went for #II,
can't win 'em all (or any, for that matter.)