Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bagged, Gagged and Tagged!

Cannon to the right of me ! Cannon to the left of me !

Darned if I didn't get caught in a cross fire ! ....Hoosier Girl to the right of me !
....Serena Joy to the left of me ! Into the valley of the blog meme I ride !
....As a rule, I don't do memes, though I have conceded a few times. As both of these lovely ladies have opted to tag me with the identical meme, and as both are recent additions to my Blogroll, I was tempted stay my ground. Instead, I have decided to relent if for no other reason but out of respect for them.
....Actually, there is a another reason, albeit a devious one. Remember girls this well known quote by the Pointmeister: "Them that tag are destined to be tagged in turn." For by linking the two of you here, I also have extended an invitation to my readers to visit your sites. Should they, if and when they get tagged, they will have fresh meat targets.

I don't like to talk or write too much about myself because I find myself to be boring. The complexity of my being is lost in its simplicity. Besides, almost everything one could learn about me has been in front of you all along. It's right here in my Blog.

I do believe I was tagged with the same meme some time ago. It seems to me that it asked for five weird things about myself. It appears that a meme is like a snowball; as it rolls downhill it gets bigger. Thus, I am required to now cite six things ! I feel safe in stating that the answers this time will differ than those before.

Weird #1: I apply salt to watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, pears, oatmeal, and pizza. If there is no salt available, I will not touch any of these.

Weird #2: There will be many who will disagree, but to me the worst movies I ever saw were: Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, and almost every movie that was an adaptation of an original TV program.

Weird #3: Even though I grew up when they were at the peak of their popularity, I cannot tolerate the singing of James Taylor, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Melanie, and Joanie Mitchell.

Weird #4: For some reason, I find it very difficult to compose a post directly to the screen. I must first write out everything long hand and then post from what I committed to paper.

Weird #5: I once contributed to the graffiti on a bathroom stall by writing "For a good time read...," and completing the line with my site's URL. To this day I wonder if I'll ever get a comment that states: "I found your blog on a shit house wall."

Weird #6: The weird thing is that I don't find any of these weird things necessarily weird !

Thanks to Hoosier Girl and Serena Joy for giving me this arduous task opportunity to expose the weirdness within me. I think?



Christina said...

Re: the meme - boy, you ARE weird! LOL. The salt thing reminds me of my hubby - he won't eat anything without salt, except usually dessert.

Re: yesterdays post - that guy's hand paintings are awesome. I had seen pics of some of them before. very impressive!

Jodi said...

Well, thank you sweetie, for showing me such respect. The funny thing is, I only tagged you because I didn't want you to feel left out, even though I could tell you don't usually do memes.
So, in return, you have set me up to be unmercifully tagged in the future, eh? I guess what goes around comes around. (hee, hee)

#1 - Salt on oatmeal? Bleh.
#2 - You forgot "Attack of the Killer Tomatos".
#3 - I agree with you on all of them except James Taylor.
#4 - Sometimes I have to write mine down, too. Not always, though.
#5 - I never thought of advertising in the ladies' room. Hmmmmm....
#6 - You're not so weird. Except for the salt/oatmeal thing. (smile)

Thanks for playing. You're a good sport.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found you on a shit house wall! :)
Okay, not really.

But I think we should start a movement *hyuk hyuk* and always write our URLs on public bathroom walls.
SURELY someone will comment.

Anonymous said...

Being in the Witness Protection Program I am unable by law to participate in these things. Weird huh.

Hale McKay said...

Hoosier Girl - actually, I liked "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes." (How's that for carrying weird to extremes?

Serena said...

His not to shun reply,
His not to reason why,
His but to do or die,
Into the valley of the blog-meme,
Rode the brave Mike.

I don't know about that salt thing; that's pretty weird. All in all, though, you're not that weird. Well, maybe the bathroom writing deal. But hey, you let two ladies strongarm you into playing along. Ain't nothin' weird there.:)

lime said...

so you're saying i missed MY opportunity to tag you when you added me a couple weeks ago....hhhmmm....