Thursday, November 23, 2006

Have A Nice Day, Turkeys!

Er... I mean ... Have a nice Turkey Day!

Seriously, folks...

On this day of celebration, let us not forget those who cannot sit and dine with us. Let our prayers of thanks include our service men and women who are fighting to keep us free.
....We don't have to agree why they are where they are, but let us pray for their safe return.

Since I have been serving up Thanksgiving posts for the past week, I thought that today I'd place some dessert on the table.

"A cheeseburger and fries," a man says to the waitress.
...."Me too," says the turkey sitting at the table with him.
....After they had finished eating, the waitress handed the man the check stating, "That'll be $9.40."
....The man reached into his pocket and produced the exact amount plus $2.00 for a tip.
....The man and the turkey return to the same diner the next day. Both he and the turkey order a steak and a baked potato. Again, the man reaches into his pocket and produces the exact amount including a tip.
....For the next several days the man and the turkey return. On each visit the man orders a different and more expensive menu item, and each time the turkey has the same thing. Without fail the man would produce the exact amount of the bill and an appropriate gratuity.

....Finally the waitress's curiosity gets the better of her, "How is that you manage to have just the right amount of money in your pocket every time you order? And what's with the turkey?"
...."A genie granted me two wishes," the man explained. "My first wish was that I'd always have the right amount of money to pay for anything."
...."Brilliant!" said the waitress. "But what's with the turkey?"
...."Well," he said, "my second wish was for a big-breasted chick who would agree with everything I say."

Hear about the man who ran a turkey farm and an auto-detailing business from the same company?
....He named it: Gobble Degook

I fear some of you may have missed two very funny posts. (If I do say so myself.) For your humor palate, check out these two posts:

...1)Dead Turkeys Walking
-- A humorous Thanksgiving take on Charles Dickens' classic, "A Christmas Carol." A must-read for Bush bashers! (Posted Monday, 11/20.)
...2)The Real First Thanksgiving -- Only a twisted mind could uncover the twisted (but true?) events of how the first Thanksgiving happened. (Posted Sunday, 11/19.)

Here's wishing each and everyone of you and your families a Happy and Bountiful Thanksgiving.

I hope you had a better Thanksgiving than mine. --Because I had a GREAT one!



Peter said...

Good dessert Mike.

Michelle said...

lol love those jokes.....

Glad you had a great day!!! : )

Hollz said...

even know im not celebrating thanksgiving at the time (cuz we already had it) I just wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving!!

great blog!

jules said...

Groaning at the jokes. Or maybe it's the too much turkey I ate.

Jodi said...

Hey there Hale...
I don't know if you do this kind of thing, but you've been tagged.
See my Friday post, if you want to play along.

Carolyn said...

I'll have a slice of that gobble degook! LOL! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well :)

Zambo said...

Hi Mike!

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving!

Those genies can be tricky when they take the wishes literally...

Take care out there!

Your Pal,


Christina said...

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving here in Florida!

Funny jokes!

Anonymous said...

Lots of laughs, Mike. Your hard drive must be full of them.

Anonymous said...

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