Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Inspiration Without Perspiration

Today I found myself in dire need of some inspiration. For some reason, yesterday I was having trouble posting. I had typed up a piece on word and transferred a copy to Blogger. I saved it as a draft here while I harvested a couple of appropriate pictures to be added. That completed, I clicked "publish" only to get the message that I had an html error. When I back paged to look for the error - poof! - I was sent to the blog manager page and my piece was gone! This happened twice more! As it was late I threw up a few jokes and a pair of images and published the preceding post.

My original piece is still saved on word, but tonight I was uninspired to tackle it again. Then I found a site where you can make
Motivational Posters .You load a picture, give it a title and think up a motivational thought to finish it. Simple. (Clicking on each poster will give a larger view.)

I had the following picture in my files because - I like it. It suggests reaching for your goals. That's inspirational I thought.The next one is more self-promotional than inspirational, but I figured I was inspired to create it!

Then I had the idea that these posters could be used in other ways too. Why not create cards? I could have used this one last month for Valentine's Day. For that matter, I just might use it in March for our 35th Wedding Anniversary.

Having a sudden craving for some ice cream, this one popped into my mind in a trice! There's nothing wrong with a poster that depicts the finer things in life.

It's been quite a few years since I last worked in an office environment. One thing I remember vividly are those individuals who would stop at nothing to get ahead. I'm certain that may people out there work with these individuals who can be referred to as brown nosers, apple polishers, and the more proper and fitting sobriquet of ass kissers. If this were hanging on the boss' door, I wonder if they would get the message?

I remember that Mondays were sometimes difficult to get oneself motivated. I seriously doubt that this poster would change that fact.

Of course, posters can always be used to make a political statement.

Finally, a poster can express one's opinion on matters sensitive. While I have reservations about capital punishment in general, I do think that the punishment for perverts, pedophiles and rapists should be doled out befitting their crimes.



Scary Monster said...

LOL@ kiss a sphinx, STOMP.
Have you ever seen the motivational posters at
Me thinks they messeges be great too.


Anonymous said...

I will go for the banana split.

jules said...

Great stuff, Mikey.

Serena said...

Geez, I think I've kissed a few sphinxs. I'm with Steve -- that banana split looks to die for.

Hale McKay said...

That's where these posters were created, Scary - at

Raggedy said...

I am sorry you are having that blogger trouble. I was having the same thing happen not too long ago. It is frustrating.
Great posters!
Thanks for the link.