Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some Like It Hot - Not Me!

From the comic strip "Bound & Gagged" 6/25/07

"The sun so hot I froze to death...."

I know Stephen Foster never saw or experienced air-conditioning, but that line from "Oh Susanna" seems curiously prophetic today. With the mercury climbing upwards to ninety-five and higher, I have found myself voluntarily sequestered indoors. The stark contrast of the ambient temperatures of both outside and inside can be seen in the traces of condensation upon the window panes.

It seems unnatural to feel cold at 10 AM on a late June morning, a week away from the 4Th of July. At 8:30 this morning it was already 87 degrees! With the air conditioners cranked up to the nth and the shades pulled down tight, we were determined to keep the house cool all day.

Of course those wheels in that electric meter on the side of our house are spinning in protest at a dizzying rate.Yes, we'll pay in the end, make that "through the end," for the use of the electricity. The drain on the energy in turn will result in an increase of the price per barrel of oil. This in turn will translate to higher prices at the gas pumps.

Ironically, if we were to stay home in order to consume less gasoline, the oil companies in turn would still raise the prices because our lack of consumption would show as lower profits. If we aren't fuel conscious, we pay. If we try to be conservative, we pay!

There's one thing about feeling cold; you get to really enjoy those cups of hot coffee. Anyway, I am not going to rant about our little two-day spell of hot humid weather. There are a lot of people in a lot of places facing worse climatic conditions. We are supposed to get some relief tomorrow.

I have been on a so-called vacation this week. It has been so hot, that activities outside the house have been unbearable. One consolation - I could be working and out there driving around. Would you like another consolation? It's been too hot to mow the lawn and trim the hedges. Damn! By not mowing the lawn, I am contributing to the next price hike in gas because I'm burning any in my lawn mower.

I remember a time when prancing around the house naked meant that things were going to get hot!

These days, it means we're trying to cool off!



Anonymous said...

My mom is in Dover, DE this week awaiting the birth of a new cousin, and the heat's getting her too.


PS: I'm entering the blow up the skirt contest too!

Here's the entry:

Miss Cellania said...

I feel so sorry of you, enjoying that coffee and shivering. Poor thing. I am so lucky that my air conditioning isn't functioning. The house is 85 degrees. I should count my blessings!

Jack K. said...

Some days you just can't win for losing.

Don't the oil barons understand anything about supply and demand?

Oh, yes. Slow production and you get a greater demand. Be sure to do it just before peak vacation travel time.

The only way to get back at them is to invest in oil company stock.

Anonymous said...

I do not like hot weather either. But the reason that I can't mow the lawn is because it's raining. Oh well... i can still go play with the dogs at the dog park. At least you have A/C to stay cool

Ed said...

Don't feel too bad. I'll be in Dubai on Sunday. I'm sure it will be 124 there.

The Chick said...

If it's any consolation, I've been running around my house naked all week. The neighbors have been getting quite a show since I often forget to shut the blinds.

Serena said...

It's ungodly humid here, too, and I've been keeping my house as cold as a meat locker. I know I'll pay, but I'll think about that later.:-)

Cheri said...

It's been really hot here too! I like the visual of you cooling yourself off! XOXO