Saturday, July 21, 2007

Schmoozing on a Saturday Afternoon

Fortunately I've never been referred to as a schnorer, but I have been called a schmo, a schmuck and a schnook. I've even been called a schlemiel who schleps his duties. Some might say my writing is so much schmaltz. I say to them: "Let them eat wiener schnitzel!"

Imagine my surprise to learn that I have now been tagged as a schmooze.

Lest I was to take umbrage at another attack on my good name, I was pleased to find that "schmooze" meant: to converse casually, especially in order to make a social connection. (Okay, I'm being a little schmaltzy; I knew the definition of the word.) You might say that schmoozing is a lot like blogging!

Yes, I said I was "tagged." Now don't worry, it's not another meme, and yes, I'm going to tag five of you nonetheless. All you need to do is to copy the award image above to display proudly on your site and then tag five enemies blogs you feel should likewise be honored. You see, this tag is actually an AWARD !

To whom do I owe this honor you might ask? From the Land Down Under, where legend and/or rumor has it that the inhabitants there must coat the soles of their shoes, or feet if they have no shoes, with sticky substances in order to keep from falling off into space because there is no gravity on the earth's bottom as there is here in the Land Up Over, I must say thank you to Peter !

These are not schadenfreude-type selections. They are well intentioned. First, I'm going to pour some schnapps to deposit just below my schnozzle before I announce my "schlections."

Keeping with the deliberate alliterations above, my first Schmoozee is one of the first Bloggers I met over two years ago. Peg, better known to many of us as Schnoodlepooh, is an uber pet lover. A visit to her "Poodle City" will confirm that fact. Her posts center around her and her family which consists of Baily, Baxter, and Brody, as well as some feathered friends as well.
She puts up some wonderful photos depicting the adventures and misadventures of her boys. I've never been able to detect any family resemblances, but who am I to question her genealogy? Won't you stop by and say hello?

Over in the thin air of the Colorado Rockies, allow me to introduce you to Ben O. - one funny dude! Ben's blog epitomizes the spirit of schmoozing in that his posts ask for participation from his readers.
He features a weekly Feedback post and the popular Super Caption Contest.
Perhaps the thin air of living a mile above sea level fuels his light-headed hearted humor. Do visit him and see for yourself.

Reading the posts of my next recipient of the Schmooze Award, we must venture back a day to Australia. It seems to me that every Aussie Blogger that I have read has a great sense of humor and posts to his or her blogs with comedic delivery. The site Phils Phun, is no exception. If you are looking for some laughs and good jokes you can't go wrong paying Phil a visit.

Somewhere overseas, in a world he didn't create, there exists a monster of a Blogger. It's downright "scary" what this funny Scary Monster brings to the table over at at his site, Me No Blog ! Deep down inside beneath the monstrous veneer he projects, there is an intelligent and funny person lurking there. His posts are interactive to the extent of cross-posting between the reader and him, not only in the comments but on the respective sites as well.
If you dare, why not take a few tentative steps into his blog crypt?

Last, but by no means the least, I wish to bestow this award upon my deserving friend and partner at Verbicidal Tendencies, Serena Joy. (How's that for a shameless plug?) Sharing my passion for the spoken and written word, SJ's site, Parenthetically Speaking, has a regular feature called "Twisted Linguistics." Sometimes the reader is asked to supply definitions for mutilated words that have been culled from the Blogosphere.
You will always find quizzes and surveys to which you can participate. She opens every post with insights into the foibles of life. You don't have to like to spell to go visit her for a spell.

I'm sure you'll agree that these Bloggers are worthy. I'm equally sure that they will relish your visits and any comments you might leave. You can always congratulate them. Yes? (Who knows, if you haven't yet received a Schmooze Award, you just might if you visit and comment.)



Hale McKay said...

In the event you don't know all those "SCH" words, here are the definitions in the order they appear in the post:

1)schnorer - a beggar, panhandler
2)schmo - a foolish or stupid person
3)schmuck - a contemptible person, a jerk
4)schnook - a meek person easily imposed upon
5)schlemiel - a bungling person, a failure
6)schmaltz - overly sentimental music or literature
7)scnitzel - a meat cutlet, usually veal
8)schadenfreude - glee or pleasure over another's misfortunes

Peter said...

Well schit Mike there are some gooduns there!!
The ball was well carried I'll have to check out a couple that I know not.

Phils Phun said...

G'day Mike
Thanks for that
My first blogger award!!!
Iam honoured but honestly my blog is really pretty ordinary compared with others I read [like yours and Peters. Still its early days yet and have not even reached 50 posts yet
Take care
Teddy Bear

Anonymous said...

Gods but I adore Scary, he's a breath of fresh air and a damnded grand storyteller too :) thank you for awarding him. Not that its up to me to thank you but it feels nice to see someone else appreciates him as I do! Have a wonderful day!

Serena said...

Well, shazam, my little scnitzel -- thank you! Schmoozing is fun and to actually get an award for it just rocks. Congrats on yours and to your nominees.:)

Anonymous said...

Mike, I'm really flattered that you gave the Schmooze award to me and that you posted such nice comments about me, my family, and my blog. I really do count you among my best blogger buddies. It's kind of cool that we have made this connection over two years ago and stuck with it. Good for us, huh!!

Shannon akaMonty said...

excellent choices!! And congrats on the super-duper award!! xoxox

Miss Cellania said...

Congratulations on the award, Mike! I'm glad you tagged Phil"s Phun, but just because his blog is new doesn't mean much. He's been sending out jokes in this newsletter for quite a while, and only God knows how long he's been telling them!

Scary Monster said...

Well, Hale. Me thought we were just gonna lurk around each others sites. Here ya go an get all proactive on me. LOL. Thanks, me friend. Me didn't realize that folks liked the inanities me wrote, Me thought they came by because of me cute lil' avatar. I also think Me be more of a kvetcher than a schmoozer.