Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Talking Turkey

I thought for the post today I would try to talk a little turkey.
...And I don't mean "gobble-gobble."

There's no need to enlarge the cartoon above unless you really want a better view of the woman. The cartoon is in the Turkish language. Following is a translation into English:
WOMAN: "Dear doctor, I'm very embarrassed when I get undressed."
DOCTOR: "If you're embarrassed, let's turn out the lights."
WOMAN: "Where shall I put my undergarments, Mr. Doctor?"
DOCTOR: "If it's not too much trouble, you can put them right on top of mine."
Would you like to be able to talk turkey? Impress your friends with a little Turkish vocabulary and slang!

1) boktan (bawk-tahn) - crappy; shitty; a piece of shit

2) bombok (bawm-bawk) - full of shit

3) çartlamak (jart-lah-mock) - break wind, fart loudly

4) çehenneme git! (jay-hen-im-eh git) - go to hell!

5) frikik (free kick) - a glimpse of a woman's underwear when she is crossing or uncrossing her legs; also a view of an exposed breast

6) göt lalesi (gurt lah-lei-see)- an asshole

7) göotünü yalamak (guur-una yah-lah-mock) - ass kisser; to kiss ass

8) iki ucu boklu dei nek (ick-ee oo-joo bawk-loo day-neck) - a bad situation from which there is no escape; catch-22; fubar; snafu

9) meme (may-may) - breasts; boobs (Remember this one the next time someone tags you for a meme.)

10)yumurta (yoo-mur-tah) - balls; testicles

This turkey has had enough of talking turkey for tonight.



Jack K. said...

Another thing for which to give thanks. snerx, snort, giggle, lol, etc.

Liquid said...

(Oo) Leavin' some stones to let you know that I have visited. Have a happy Thanksgiving and know that I have counted you as one of my blessings!

Miss Cellania said...

Always good to come here for a laugh. Happy Thanksgiving, Mike!