Sunday, July 13, 2008

Get the Picture?


The Ride

My Chair!

Here are some pictures that are crying out for some captions. I took a stab and made up a few of my own. Perhaps someone can come up with some of their own?
Pic No.1

"Jeremy's days as a failure ended the day
he brought home the bacon."

Pic No.2

"Needing one more thing to enter the Ididerod, Nanook
the Geek of the North, Googled for a deal on a dog sled."

Pic No.3

"Incognito, Tony the Tiger was captured on film
in the company of a teen tigress at her high school
graduation. Kelloggs officials had no comment."

Pic No.4

"A hush fell over the crowd as Cocoa
lined up the putt. If he sinks the putt
he will defeat Tiger Woods by one
stroke to win the Masters title."

Pic No.5

"When he's not riding on the Budweiser
wagon, Sparky likes to surf the chat
rooms looking for bitches in heat."

Pic No.6

"Despite the monkey on his back, Hale McKay
worked diligently to complete this blog on time."



Jack K. said...

It is difficult to beat the master at his own game.

#4, Don't you think a green jacket would go great with this outfit?

#6, you said it all. snerx.

Hale McKay said...


The chimp lining up the putt was one of the first of these pics I came across ... Yes, a green jacket would look good with that outfit.