Saturday, August 30, 2008

Easier On the Eyes

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Gone Fishin'

In the Dog House

Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain sure raised a lot of eyebrows when he announced his selection for his Vice Presidential running mate! Time will tell if this was a calculated risk or a move out of desperation.

For the miffed and disappointed Hillary backers who have claimed they would not support Barack Obama, McCain has dangled a tempting juicy carrot before them. If enough of them take the bait, it could be a landslide victory for the Republican Party.

One thing is certain, Sarah Palin sure is a lot easier on the eyes! She even has a personality. Once in a pageant, she was named Miss Congeniality. That's a stark contrast to the power hungry Hillary.

While it's true that Hillary has more government experience, the Alaskan Governor's down to earth demeanor and good looks won't hurt McCain's chances for the White House. I know that physical appearances should not be a determining factor in choosing which candidate one votes for, but John McCain suddenly looks a lot better!

By looking North To Alaska, John McCain just might have struck the bonanza gold!

(With apologies to the late great Johnny Horton.)
Big John ran for President in the year of oh-eight
With George Bush a lame duck and his Veep Cheney too
He crossed the country lookin' for that White House gold
Below that old White House's dome
In the Oval Office far from home.

John crossed the majestic mountains and shook a lot of hands
He talked to his team of advisors
As he campaigned throughout the land
With Barack Obama's mouth a-runnin' wild
And Hillary sayin' she's not done

Yes, John McCain was makin' his run
In the year of oh-eight.

While the voters were waitin' big numbers 'cumulatin'
North to Alaska gotta find a runnin' mate
North to Alaska gotta find a runnin' mate

John turned to Sarah with his purple heart in hand
Said You're a-lookin' at a very very desperate man
I'd trade all my houses that're spread 'cross this land
For just enough votes to call myself President McCain.

'Cause my campaign needs a woman to help me beat Barack
Remember Sarah we'll get all of Hillary's numbers back
And I'll build for my Cindy a White House home
Below that old White House's dome
In that Oval Office far from home.

While the voters are waitin' big numbers I'm speculatin'
North to Alaska I found me a runnin' mate
North to Alaska I found me a runnin' mate.
(Way up North, Way up North ...)



Jack K. said...

And we thought Obama and Biden were a bad combination.

Thanks Senator McCain for helping make up my mind.

kenju said...

I hope you don't really think that women who supported HIllary are going to take to Palin. She is for everything that Hillary (and other Dems) is not: pro-guns, pro-life, for oil drilling in Alaska, and her record on ecology is terrible.

Hale McKay said...


Unfortunately there is a large group of Hillary supporters who have already gone on the record that if she wasn't chosen as the Democratic candidate, they would not support Obama - and would vote for McCain.

With McCain choosing a woman to run with him, it will tempt a lot of other women to vote for him.

I'm afraid that many, very many voters do not really pay much attention to the issues. Some vote for the Party regardless of candidates. Some will NOT vote for Obama because he's black, just as some will vote for him because he is black. Some would've voted for Hillary because she was a woman - and some would not have voted for her for the same reason.

Some will vote for one or other because one is the lesser of the two evils.

Don't forget, there will be many who will not vote at all because they don't like either candidate.

It's for these reasons that they will probably never eliminate the Electoral College.

Hale McKay said...


I'm sure there are some who feel the opposite.

Jack K. said...

Yep, that's what helps make this country so great.

Glad we can share our views, even when we don't always agree.

Continue to...

serve with integrity, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart.

Hale McKay said...


For me it doesn't matter whether I like or dislike any candidate - When it comes satirizing and parodying they are all equal and fair game.