Friday, October 30, 2009

Between a Blog and a Hard Place

To those blogflies among you who have stepped into the spider's parlor expecting the next installment of The Quill and the Quire, I apologize for leaving you disappointed.

Circumstances, such as they are and beyond my control have prevented me from committing Part 34 of the story from my hand-written lines in a notebook to the keyboard and finally to the screen.

I am reminded of an interview of the late Jackie Gleason. When asked about the origin of the characters he portrayed in his humorous skits, Mr. Gleason spoke fondly of his favorite persona - the Poor Soul. Paraphrasing that interview given over forty years ago, he said of the character:
He was typical of the everyday person, neither poor nor rich. All he wanted was to get through life without complications, but life kept getting in his way.
Sometimes, all of us epitomize that poor soul. I will not elaborate, bearing in mind that what we say (and write) can and will be used against us in a court of law. In any event ....

The story is winding down and is near conclusion. The next installment will appear here in this space on Monday, 11/2.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Remember, Saturday night is Halloween. Watch out for those little hobgoblins and ghosts that come trick-or-treating at your door.

I trust your Halloween will not be like the one Henry Tate experienced in my most recent short story,
A Bit of Candy.

Oh yes, don't forget to turn back your clocks on Saturday night (or Sunday morning as I am wont to do), I wouldn't want you to miss that extra hour of sleep.



Anonymous said...

Disappointed but that is your own fault for being such a great writer!:) I guess I will forgive though since you did post a Halloween surprise for all of us.

Happy Halloween to all and don't eat too much candy!!

Sandee said...

I'll wait for the next installment without complaint. Life happens to all of us and sometimes we need to change our plans to accommodate life. I so understand.

Have a terrific weekend. We are hiding from the hundreds and hundreds of kids that get bused to our neighborhood. We are off to the boat for a quiet weekend. :)

Hale McKay said...


Thank you for understanding. Thank you for faithful support.

I'm glad you enjoyed "A Bit of Candy."

Hale McKay said...


My life is usually uncomplicated and simple, but sometimes, as stated by the line in the post: Sometimes life gets in our way.

Enjoy your Halloween on the boat. (Watch out for those trick-or-treating mermaids.)

Jack K. said...

Hale, I knew something had to have happened. You are always meeting your deadlines.

I guess Tate's deadline got in the way. (groan)

Thanks for the opportunity to provide a very poor pun. but, hey, it's Hallowe'en, isn't it? Snerx.

Hale McKay said...


BTW, I welcome the puns.

Everything should be okay - it's just the hassle ...