Friday, September 17, 2010

I Hop, U Hop

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The IHOP restaurant is suing a Kansas City-based religious group that uses the same name.

The International House of Pancakes has sued the International House of Prayer in federal court for trademark dilution and infringement.

The lawsuit, filed last week in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, says the restaurant chain has six registered trademarks for the IHOP acronym.

The religious group started 10 years ago in south Kansas City. It has drawn thousands of people from around the world and broadcasts all over the world through a live stream in Jerusalem.

The Kansas City Star reports that the restaurant chain says the church's use of the IHOP lawsuit says the religious group's use of the IHOP logo causes confusion for the public. In some locations the church has even been serving food, specifically pancakes, which further adds to the confusion.

This blogger has learned that IHOP isn't stopping there. It seems that other establishments and organizations have also been getting away with using their registered trademark.

The company has decided to wage war against those who are using their famous acronym now and those who might try to use it in the future. They have served notice that they will jealously protect their name from all cases of infringement.

The first suit will be filed against a particular egregious group using "IHOP" on as signage and on their letterhead is a Kansas kindergarten school,Int'l House of Patti-cake.

In Reno, Nevada, they have served cease and desist papers against the The International House of Poker, a small gambling casino.

Ipanema Hooters on Parade
It is well known that at the popular beaches in South America many women stroll the beaches topless. It seems that one beach an annual parade is held which invites the lovely women to strut their stuff.

Apparently the announcement of the upcoming event appeared in the local papers as "IHOP." The organizers of the Ipanema Hooters on Parade event said they will fight the restaurant chain's suit.

Several adult entertainment establishments have been using the "IHOP" logo for their International House of Porn operations. A spokesman for the porn industry was quoted as saying, "That lawsuit is f**ked."

Several pizza shops have been cited for using "IHOP" for numerous locations under the name of International House of Pizza.

Other targets for the suit include:
A clinic that specializes in gastronomical disorders, called the International House of Poop.

A Pittsburgh cathouse known as the Independent Hookers of Pennsylvania

A tee-shirt silk screening company selling t-shirts bearing the lettering: IHOP - I'm Hooked on Phonics.
News of the impending lawsuits has caused considerable anger on many of the nation's university campuses.

Attorneys for IHOP have discovered through FaceBook and Tweeter activity that unauthorized and secretive contests are being staged in the students' dormotories using an "IHOP" designation.

It seems that a popular dorm room activity, Intra-dorm Hours of Pillow-fighting, has been abbreviated as "IHOP" in many e-mails, text messages and tweets.

Said one co-ed who wished to remain anonymous, "It's ridiculous. It's just an abbreviation. Besides, we don't serve food." She giggled and then added, "Sometimes when there are three of us involved, we do sometimes serve up sandwiches." She giggled but did not elaborate.

If you ask this blogger, I think International House of Pancakes should worry more about serving their customers and less about serving up court summons.

If you'll excuse me, a little brunette and a redhead challenged me to a pillow fight. I love a challenge!



Mike Golch said...

Don't wreck to many pillows.

aleekwrites said...

cute! and an excellent point. :)

Also, what Mike said.

Jack K. said...

Dream on, man, dream on.

btw, what have you been smokin'? snerx.

Our local education foundation received a letter from Publishers' Clearing House because it used the term "Prize Patrol" to identify the group when issuing grants to teachers for their programs. We immediately ceased and desisted. We told them so and suggested that our foundation existed on donations from organizations and businesses such as theirs. Unfortunately no donation has been forthcoming.

Did you take those photos?

Hale McKay said...


Feathers were flying! :o}

Hale McKay said...


Thanks. No pillows or blondes and redheads were harmed while putting together this post.

Hale McKay said...


Dream? Aw, it was just a little flight of fantasy - or was it fancy?

Maybe the Publisher's Clearing House will come through later.

I'd like to say that I DID take the photos, but .... it was part of the fantasy. :o}