Friday, June 24, 2005

Bits and Pieces - Answers

On Monday, 6/20, I posted "Bits and Pieces," blog number 191. It was one of those nothing-in-particulr-to-say postings, so I plugged in a few thoughts, quotes and trivia questions. To date, only DottyLoulou posted a comment in attempt to answer the questions. It was too early to tested, but over breakfast she tried. Thank you, Dotty, by the way. I don't know if she is anxious for he answers, but in all fairness, I will post them here today.
~ Anyone else who happens to stumble upon this posting will be in the wagon before the horse predicament. You may want to stop reading here and go read posting number 191 to see the questions and perhaps try to answer them, before reading any further. (Then again, one sure-fire way to pass any test is have the answers first!)
~ Anyway, as promised here are the answers:
The Tormented:
a) Krazy Kat
b) Tom Terrific
c) Underdog
d) Beany and Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent
e) Dudley Do-Right
f) King Leonardo
g) Popeye
h) Rocky and Bullwinkle
The Group: The Highwaymen
Cowsills Song Title: The Rain, The Park, and Other Things
Mack the Knife Girls: Jenny Diva, Lottie Lenya, Sookie Tawdry, and old Lucy Brown
He disappeared: Louie Miller (after drawing out all his hard-earned cash)
The Rifleman's horse: Razor
Dudley Do-Right's horse: Horse
( I'll admit that these were not easy trivia questions, but if anyone learned a few facts to stump friends, then they weren't a total waste of time.)


the many Bs said...

I didn't get ONE right - not one.
I'm terrible at this stuff.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Ha! I beat ya, schnoodle. I got "The Highwaymen," and all the "Mac the Knife" questions. But that's all. Good trivia quiz.

AND, the blog looks MUCH better with the hit counter where it belongs! Kudos!


DottyLoulou said... looks like ...."I Win! I Win!!" duke and pooh talk a good story, but I didn't see any of their answers in the comments!! That was a fun test. Do it again! Do it again!! More! More!