Friday, June 24, 2005

We Don't Need No Stinking Chocolate!

Lexington, Ky. -
~ When Norreasha Gill tuned into WLTO-FM radio, she heard the Night host, DJ Slick announce that there would be a contest in which one lucky listener could win 100 grand. After listening for two hours, she quickly pushed the button to speed dial the station when Slick announced that caller number 10 would win the prize. The listeners in the area heard Slick announce her as he winner of the 100 grand.
~ Gill, a gleeful winner, spread the news to her family. Before going to bed, she promised her children - ages 1, 5 and 11 - that they'd have a minivan, a shopping spree, a savings account, and a home with a back yard.
~ She went to the radio station the next morning to pick up her prize, only to asked to come back later. When she returned home, she discovered that a station manager had called and left a message explaining she had won a Nestles' 100 Grand candy bar, not money. The woman was not pleased.
~ In response to her return call, the station offered her $5,000. "I said I wanted $95,000 more," she said. "Nobody would watch and listen for two hours for a candy bar."
~ As a result, she has sued Cumulus Media, which owns the station, saying the station and its parent company breached a contract to pay $100,000 to the contest winner. The station, however, says the contest was sponsored by DJ Slick himself, and was not conducted by the station. Meanwhile, Slick has apparently left his job. A spokesman Cumulus Media noted that the contest never once referred to the prize as money, and the word "dollars" had not been used.
~ "What hurts me is they were going to get me in front of my children, all dressed up, and hand me a candy bar, after all those promises I made to them," she told the Lexington Herald-Leader. "You just don't do that to people." -Associated Press.
This blogger will be holding his breath until Norreasha Gill's day in court. Will she get her check? Or will the judge slam the gavel and award her a candy bar? One way to look at it, I suppose, either way she's going to get 100 grand!
~ Talk about having your chocolate and eating it too!

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