Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bivouac In Cyburbia

Here it is, another Saturday afternoon. After my duties around the house have been accomplished, I can take a trip to the cyburbs. It is then that I can then settle down at the computer, while the CPU is whirring to life, and sip from a soothing cup of Joe. Camping out in the cyber suburbs is the cause du jour on Saturdays. When I am finally logged in, my initial action is to refer to my "Bulletin Board," otherwise known as the latest comments on my postings.
....To most bloggers, and I am no exception, I enjoy this part of blogging as much as I do composing them in the first place. In the work place, a pat on the back and a verbal "well done and a thank you" are certainly appreciated. So it is with blogging. As such, I try to leave comments at those sites that I visit, especially those I am visiting for the first time. If I am "bowled over" by anything I read, rest assured, I will express as much in a comment. Like El Barto, at the left, you might say that I leave my marker.
....Sometimes there is a comment from some reader I don't recognize. To me that is an open invitation for me to drop in on their blog. As a rule, I find that a lot those who take the time to read and and comment on the posts of others are talented in their own right. Indeed, I have read some that have impressed me enough for me to mention and link them in one of my postings, in addition to adding them to my blogroll.
....When I leave Commentville, my sojourn points me in the direction of Blogrollvia. My blogroll has grown considerably in the last few weeks, so much that I can only keep up with them by setting aside this time on Saturdays. Lately, while touring these sites, I have noticed a reference to HTN. At first I had no clue what the acronym meant, but there was a plethora of mention and photos of breasts, tastefully displayed, I might add. When I learned that the letters were for "Half Nekkid Thursday," and the exposure of their breasts was for benefit of breast cancer research, I was immediately transformed from a voyeur to an admirer. While I must admit that I admired the displays, my admiration is aimed at their bravado.
....A few years ago in a bar located in the Haymarket section of Boston, there was an annual "Tits For Tots" drive during the Christmas season. If you ordered a beer, the barmaid brought you a beer. If you held up a five dollar bill and ordered a beer, the same barmaid would lift her tank top to reveal an impressive pair, reach into the chest for a beer, and deliver it to you. Only after she had collected the five and the funds for your beer, would she pull her top back down. The five dollars went into a special red bucket with white lettering "Tits For Tots." In time for Christmas, these funds were in turn used to purchase toys for poor children in and around Boston. The last time I was there during the holidays, they had raised one hundred fifty thousand dollars. That was a lot of fives and boobs, but it was for a good cause.
....While Tits For Tots was a worthy cause, it falls short of the goals of HTN. Ladies of HTN, I salute you. There are those who would decry these acts as exploitation, I can attest that no guns were held to the heads of those barmaids. I am as equally confident the same will be true of these women who post their assets on their blogs. Let those who make this an issue, spend only half as much energy on a worthy cause of their own, a cause that helps someone and does not promote their own myopic agendas.
....Out of respect for all of you, I have chosen not to mention the names of your sites, because they can be found the same I found them, by taking a trip to the cyburbs. (This is not to suggest that any of you would or should be embarassed or ashamed, but more as a promotion for others to "get out there" and read some blogs, and oh yeah, to leave comments.

By the way, to the woman at the last site I visited, you have a great set! Ahem. I am a man after all.



kenju said...

Mike, you won't find any on my site! Mine have gone south, so to speak, and no one would pay to see them - even for charity!

Shannon akaMonty said...

LOL@Kenju! I was thinking the same thing...I don't know how to hold the camera near my knees... ;)

Genna said...

I love the whole world of blogs. It is very interesting that one can click on someone's name and be transported to their thoughts and opinions. One door opens another, and another.

As far as charities are concerned, sex sells, so if it works, I think its great. (Of course, as long as no one gets hurt!) It obviously makes some pay more attention!

Miss Cellania said...

One hundred fifty-thousand dollars! Made $5 at a time? Thats some serious flashing, but hey, anything for the kids!