Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Once Around The Blog

Recent Additions To My Blog Roll

My Blogroll has grown again, and as I like to do, allow me to introduce you to them. Drop in on them sometime, and tell them I sent you. If you are already familiar with any of them, please visit them again.

Fn Queen is from Oklahoma. I guess all Sooners are destined to be good Bloggers! It must be something in the water. While her site is loading, the first thing you see is "I Don't Make This Shit Up." Right away I thought, this is going to be some good reading. I wasn't wrong.

Laina, Hillbilly Princess is an Ohioan Attorney. I figure anyone who proudly uses "Hillbilly" in reference to themselves is okay in my book. Avoiding any Lawyer and shark jokes, I gave her a mulligan. Well, if she practices law as good as she writes, then I am hiring her when I need legal advice.

If you like original poetry, then take a trip to Florida and visit Junie Rose. Although she specializes in it, poetry isn't all she writes. She has a nice post about a family bike ride and Hardees biscuits - yum. Check her out, maybe she has some of those hot biscuits leftover.

Ah, then there is Marti down there in the Show Me State. Like a lot of Bloggers, she is an aspiring novelist. It shows in her very interesting blog. I particularly recommend her 1/17 post "Enter The Laughter Named To the Blog Herald List." About one-third of the day down she reprises a blog from last July called "DMV or Diarrheal Mahatma Voodoo." We all have experienced a trying day at the Department of Motor Vehicles, but I do not envy her day.
....It just so happens she is running a contest over there. Leave a Valentines Day joke in her comments and you could win a free box of candy! That's reason enough to go visit her.

Take a spin with me to Down Under and visit Peter in Queensland, Australia. Many of you are already familiar with his work, but those of you who haven't had the pleasure, this an opportunity to correct an egregious oversight on your part. I suggest that you high-tail it on over there. His 1/22 post "Girlfriend 1.0 - Wife 1.0" is a classic must-read laugh fest. If you read nothing else on his site, or on the web for that matter, read this one!

From a pretty blonde to a readhead to a light redhead with highlights, Shann is a Southern California girl. She, who by not her own doing, is experimenting to see if she can have fun as a redhead too. Do drop in on her and her lovely family.

If you like music, you must like musicians. You'll find nothing to not like about Stringman. A neighbor of mine, he is from south of Boston. While he is a guitarist and plays in a band, he just might be missing his calling as a humorist. Check him out. No topic is too sensitive for him to tackle, and he does it tactfully.

The last of my recent additions is T Melendez. He is Spanish speaking but he writes in English, and quite well I might add. He is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida resident. His writings run the gamut from food and sex to TV and politics and everything between. Won't you stop by and say "hola" to him.

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs. You may very well wish to blogroll them yourselves. I'm sure they won't mind.



Ivy the Goober said...

love your Got rid of the kids line. Hey, I got rid of my husband... guess the cat was allergic?

FnQueen said...

I love ya Mike!
Thanks for such a glowing recommedation. This here Sooner gal is pleased as punch. As you've probably noticed you are already on my blogroll. Couldn't leave out my favorite guy blogger pal. Now could I?

StringMan said...

Great idea for a post, Mike. I'm honored to be mentioned. You da man, homey! Lots of interesting people on your blogroll.

Unknown said...

Aw, thanks for the "shout out" (if that term isn't totally cliche!).

IzzyMom said...

lololol @ got rid of the kids... I'll have to borrow that!

Anonymous said...

Nice post! I feel so honored to be a part of it. :) I'm a So Cal girl transplanted to Nor Cal and now my blonde roots are red. Yikes! Love the kids line as well.

Peter said...

Mike thank you, the cheque(Australian Spelling) is in the mail.
I am honoured (A s) to be included with the excellent company on your blogroll.

Merle said...

Hale McKay ~~ Thanks for yur visit to my site, via Peter, my brother. Thanks for the name of Wink Martindale recording The Deck of Cards as well as Tex Ritter. I have visited your site before and I really love your sign
Hit the nail on the Head in pictures. Cheers.

Unknown said...

Thank you SO much for the mention! I am honored!

(Also frustrated, as Blogger has locked me out of publishing)

You have a delightful blog! I already have you on my blogroll (as well as many of your recent additions - you have such good taste - LOL)

Will try to get by more often!

Have a great day!

TMelendez said...

NOOOO...dont read me.. Im not as funny as Michael!!! What pressure!

GRACIAS for the SHOUT OUT sir!
(Isnt there a new feature in blog explosion for this?)

NOw I can place the bumper sticker in my car "MY BLOG MADE ROLL AT IT OCURRED TO ME"!