Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ever Been Redneckin'?

(This Redneckin' quiz was over at Kat's blog on 3/22. Since I have some Redneck genes, I thought I would borrow the idea for fun. I added a few at the end.)
1. Have you ever been muddin’? - Yes. Red clay muddin'.
2. Have you ever been on a dirt/gravel road? - Yes, you had to if you wanted to visit some of the kinfolk.
3. Ever been swimmin’ at the river? - With and without trunks.
4. Ever had a bonfire party? - Yep. My father had one every Saturday night in the summer.
5. Have you ever driven a tractor? - You betcha! (Lawn tractors don't count.)

6. Have you ever been on a horse? - Affirmative. My Grandparents had two of them.
7. Call a kiss “sugar” (Gimme some sugar)? - Used to hide from an aunt when she wanted to sugar.
8. Get stuck, in a 4WD, in mud up to the windows? - Up to the sideboard, but not to the windows.
9. Do you say fixin’, reckon and ya’ll? - You kidding? Spent 1st 17 years in West Virginia. Still use them.
10. Ever done 90 mph down a dirt road? - No. 50 mph was fast enough.
11. Worked/Lived on a farm? - Spent most of my youth on the weekends on Grandparent's farm, and they put us to work.
12. Been to a rodeo? - Yes, if one put on by the Shriners counts.
13. Do you own cowboy boots? - No. Never owned a pair.
14. Have you ever went rollin’ yard? - No, somehow I missed this.
15. Have you ever said “git er done”? -
Fer sure!
16. Does your town have a “Drive A Tractor to School Day”? -
No. But they did have tractor races. Again, not lawn tractors.
17. Have you ever had a party in a barn? - Well, we called them "hoedowns." I even went to a wedding in a barn.
18. Do you think tractors are sexy? - No, not particularly.
19. Ever rode a 4-wheeler? - No.
20. Are you from the country? - If Roane County, WV. isn't country, I don't know what is.
21. If so, are you proud of it? - Of course!
22. Gone hunting? - With sling shots and bow and arrows, but only once with guns.
23. Gone fishing? - If it wasn't for school, I'd have done a helluva lot more.

24. Can you clog or have you been clogging? - Unfortunately, just once.
25. Been on a hay ride? - Oh, yeah.
26. Have you ever line danced? - No. But I've been square dancing many times.
27. Camped under the stars? - I loved camping outdoors. (Trailers ain't camping.)
28. Ever been cow tippin’? - Don't tell my Granparents.
29. Ever owned a pick up truck? - Yep. Driving one now.
30. Had a pig for a pet? - No. I couldn't see getting attached to sausage and bacon unless it was cooked.
31. Own a pair of overalls? - Now - no! When I was a kid - yes.
32. Pee’d on the side of the road? When you gotta go, you gotta go! (Done number two also.)

33. Made homemade wine? - No.
34. Had a party at the creek? - Before, during and after skinny-dipping.
35. Milked a cow? - My stars! Of course.
36. Ran across round bails of hay? - I've seen a few, but the square ones are easier to run on.
37. Must have sweat tea? - Nope.
38. Been to a race? - If you mean NASCAR, no.
39. Drink fresh milk, straight from the dairy farm? - You don't think I'd milk a cow and not drink it?
40. Include the word “yonder” in your vocabulary? - Yup, all the time.

I added:
41.Have you been to a baptism in a river? - Yes. I was baptised (fully submersed) myself.
42.Ever been chased by a sow? A goat? A bull? A goose? - Yes, yes, yes and yes.
43.Used blasting caps to remove a tree stump? - Yep. One summer helped my Grandfather clear some more grazing land for the cattle.

44. Ever gone to the bathroom in an outhouse? - I was 12 years old before my Granparents had indoor plumbing.
45. Ever churned butter?
- Us grandchildren took turns, one churning while the others rested their arms.

46. Ever bathe with homemade lye soap? - Uh huh. Boy, was Lifebuoy a welcome sight.
47. Ever refer to your food as victuals (pronounced vittles)? - That's another yes.
48. Ever eat raw vegetables right out of the garden? - To this day, I still eat carrots, green beans, cabbage and turnip raw. In fact, it's the only way I will eat carrots and turnip to this day.
49.Ever kiss your cousin? - Ahem! Holds up hand. Only Kissing was involved!
50. Ever play country musical instruments: spoons, washboard, Jews harp or a banjo?
- Somewhere around my stuff, I still have my Jews harp.

(There you go. You will note I avoided any references to Deliverance jokes.)



Miss Cellania said...

I'd get about a 98% on this. And I would throw in the Deliverance joke, too. Fer us hillbillies, its a matter of self-defense... crack the joke before someone else does.

starbender said...

Hahaa... Very cute!

Karen said...

Mike, i've got your "politically correctness" and "PC Police" for MONDAY MEME on my blog... come on over when ya get a chance and being everyone with you!

karla said...

This is unrelated, but it has to be said:

"...putting milk in my oatmeal and breaking up toast or biscuits into the bowl..."


GOOD GOD! YOU ARE SICK, SICK, SICK, SICK!! People like you should be locked away! You are hereby banned from!

Toast or biscuits, indeed....

kenju said...

I love your answer to # 30!

StringMan said...

Why I think you are indeed a mis-placed Redneck. As for #32, remember that redneck joke: You know you're in a redneck hotel when you phone the front office and say, "I've got a leak in the sink." And they say, "Go ahead!" ...

Karen said...

"come on over when ya get a chance and being everyone with you!"...

...that's supposed to say: *bring* everyone with you! :-)

Rae Ann said...

Your country credentials are beyond doubt!

Shannon said...

I am seeing this quiz everywhere lol.. It's cute... I am a mixture I think... I can be country and switch to a city chic in minutes..=P

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I believe I found your blog on Michele's or somewhere in the blog world. I'm enjoying it a lot and hope you don't mind....I scoffed that Raisin Brain Bush photo to put on my blog today. But I did give you credit! So thanking you ahead of time.
Here's the link to mine

Anonymous said...

So how was your cousin? Good kisser? :)

Thanks for stopping by my place!

karla said...

Salt on watermelon? I smell a Canadian. My Canadian mother used to do that, among many other food-related atrocities she committed. She put mayonnaise or butter on pretty much everything. And salt on absolutely everything. And she hated oatmeal, which puts her squarely in the "crazy" category. But I loved her anyway.

Don't you love it when people leave comments that have nothing at all to do with your current post?

ShooShoo said...

Re: #29 ...I can't decide if blogging & driving is dangerous, or if it just means you're a very talented multi-tasker! ;)

Thanks for your visit & comments on my blog as well!

Kat said...

Wow, your real country! Some of those new questions you came up with I would have never thought of.

Great list. :)