Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tee Time

Trey beans, mercy bowcups to mon ami, Monty !
After reading my last post that sweetheart Monty must have felt sorry for me over my ugly shirt. She no doubt thinks I need a make-over. So, she sent me some samples to consider. I guess if we are ever seen in public together, she wants to make sure I show a sense of class and style. Clothes make the man, eh Monty? (For the record, no matter what she was wearing, she would look good at my side.)
....Both Monty and Megan left comments wanting to see this "ugly" shirt. Unfortunately, that shirt no longer exists as far as I know. It wasn't a t-shirt, but by today's standards and styles, it would definitely be considered ugly. Remember those loud shirts with bright floral prints that were worn with those masterpieces of style, the leisure suit ? Okay, picture a burnt orange background with yellow and green poppy-looking flowers....You getting that indelible image in your mind's eye? Now picture a forest green leisure suit with the large collar of said shirt positioned over the lapels.
....What can I say? It was that magical Disco Era. They say that styles eventually come back, but I seriously doubt that we'll ever see anyone, especially myself, wearing those shirts and suits again.

Without further adieu, let the fashion show begin! Decisions, decisions ... Which shirt(s) should I choose ? (Click on each shirt for a larger image.)

Thanks again, Monty!



Miss Cellania said...

Not a suggestion, but my GUESS is that YOU would choose "need head".

kenju said...

Now tell me: would you really wear any of those in public?

Cheri said...

Funny!!! They were truly hysterical..hard to pick my favorite. The need head shirt is really popular in area and sold by a big chain... see it all around!

Hale McKay said...

No, Judy. I wouldn't actually wear those in public - maybe under a shirt. LOL

Peter said...

So many shirts, so few bodies!!

jules said...

Those are hilarious.

TMelendez said...

defintely the dinosaur!!!!!

Shannon akaMonty said...

Glad I could help you out there, pal. :)