Saturday, July 22, 2006

That's The Ticket!

It's still not too late to pledge your support for Monty in the up-coming 24-hour Blogathon. No pledge is too small. Won't you help her? Please?
...She'll be Blogging for Cerebral Palsy, a cause near and dear to her heart as she has a son who is inflicted with this terrible sickness.
...Visit her site, read her posts, and listen to her podcasts - she even sings!
...They say a pictures is worth a thousand words. How can you say no to this lovely face?
You can get one of these buttons to proudly display at your own site. You know you want to give!

Meanwhile, back to my normal Blogging antics...While I was creating the "David Letterman" image above, I couldn't help but to look for some more fun pictures to make. It gives me an excuse to throw up a few of them without any particular theme in mind. I have seen sites where you capture images of T-shirts with clever sayings. This is the first one that I've found that allows you to compose your own "clever" sayings.
....I just received my Blog Mastercard - I never stay home without it!
....If the government had its way, we would have to pay for the right to send and receive e-mail. If the telephone companies continue to get a foothold in Internet operations, there will little or no free sites on the web. We might someday have to pay for the right to blog. This is not good. I'm ahead of the curve on this issue. I have printed up my own tickets to hand out to friends and family.

I know this also has potential to be a money maker. I could sell these to those who are not family or friends. Even Hoss would see this is a golden opportunity to make his pile! His theater site draws quite a bit more visitors than mine. Still, I should be able to make enough coins to pay the ransom that Starbucks expects for their coffee. If I have at least one coin left over, I can put my new Monopoly Card to use.

An essential tool of the trade when I am blogging, is a legal notepad. I am constantly writing down thoughts and ideas for a potential future post. Some are nonsensical. Few are relevant.
....Have you ever left a note for yourself and couldn't read it? (I shudder to think how many doctors have done this.) My hand writing is good, so I can always read my notes. My problem is that sometimes I have no idea what the note was supposed to convey! For example, was "scooby do" a note to post something about a cartoon Great Dane? It might have instead meant for me to put up something about Frank Sinatra lyrics.
....Of course, I can always place some "Post-It"™ notes on a draft. That only works if I am at the computer though. This analytical brain also tells me that physical notes on the monitor would also require me to be in close proximity to said computer.

It looks like the pen and notebook will be at my side for a long time. Besides, it works for me. On the other hand, I do have a need to come up with some more bananas. My Blog Artist is close to going on strike. It seems two bananas a day isn't enough. It's hard to find good help these days.

The previous artist worked for peanuts. There was a problem, however. Have you ever seen the mess an elephant makes? I'm not talking about peanut shells either! You have no further to look than at Capitol Hill. It's going to take decades to clean up after Bush and the rest of his Republican clown troupe.

That's not to say that a herd of jackasses will do that much better, but at least their droppings will be more managable. (The last one liked cigars and turning over a page!)

As for me, I only have to cleanup after a chimpanzee and myself.

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Shannon akaMonty said...

Thanks Mikey! *HUGSMOOCHHUG*
I have to say that your readers in particular have been amongst the most generous. You know good people. :):)

If I ever have to pay to blog...I'd better get a second job.

poopie said...

About those notes you can't read....I do it all the time. Especially when there's beer involved!

Christina said...

Re: finding a note you wrote and can't remeber what it means...yeah, i do that frequently. also i am bad about writing down phone numbers with no name next to them. a few days later I have no clue who's number it is.

FTS said...

I am the king of Post It notes. I'd stick 'em on my forehead except I can't see them up there.

Anonymous said...

Notes and lists - that's me. If I can remember half of them, I'm doing great. Sometimes I even write them while I'm driving in my car. Bet you're glad you're a few states away, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh man..I've just read two of your posts and I'm laughing so hard I have to stop before I get carted off in the Funny Wagon.
Great stuff, I'm glad you have an outlet for this mind of yours or you might be dangerous.LOL