Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Euphoric, Iphoric, We All Phoric

Shanghaiied In Sheboygan!
Mangled In Maryland!
Screwed In Scranton!
Buggered In Blogger!

Somewhere in Cyberburbia there are the bits and bytes of what was going to be tonight's post. With a flicker of the screen and the blink of an eye it was sent into oblivion.
If your system has an extremely wide bandwith, I hope you enjoy what was sure to be a masterpiece.



Miss Cellania said...

Excuses, excuses! Don't tell me you do your first draft in Blogger! There's a new invention out there called a "document". Its handy for "saving" things.

jules said...

Poor baby.

Thoughts said...

I have use the same excuse myself, so there!

I remember one of your postings about cells phone and I tried at least a dozen times to leave a comment to no avail. I still think blogger had it in for me that day...


Peter said...

Your best for ages Mike LOL.

I'm not even supposed to be here today said...

Miss Cellania is right... now you know