Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Deja Views

Deja Vu Variants

Deja vu: The feeling you've been somewhere before when you know you haven't. We've all experienced deja vu in our lives at one time or another, but did you know there are many variations of deja vu that you may have experienced throughout your life? What follows is just a "small" list of examples.

Deja Blue Screen: The feeling your computer has crashed like this before.

Deja boo: The feeling that you've been frightened like this before.

Deja booze: The feeling you've been this drunk before.

Deja brew: The feeling you've had that awful coffee before.

Deja clue: The feeling that Colonel Mustard has done it in the billiard room with the lead pipe before.

Deja coup: The feeling our government has been overthrown like this before.

Deja cue: The feeling you have asked your 6-year-old kid how to download videos before.

Deja do: The feeling your hairdresser has given you this cut before.

Deja eau: The feeling you've smelled this perfume before.

Deja flu: The feeling you've been this sick before.

Deja fu: The feeling you've been kicked in the head like this before.

Deja Jew: The feeling you've wandered in the desert like this before.

Deja kazoo: The feeling you've hummed that song before and still don't know the words.

Deja knew: The feeling that you remembered this information before.

Deja loo: The feeling you've been to this bathroom before.

Deja moo: The feeling you've drank this milk before.

Deja mu: The feeling you've calculated the mean of this population

Deja muumuu: The feeling you've worn this dress size before.

Deja new: The feeling you haven't experienced this before. (AKA, "Vuja De" - Nothing like this HAS EVER happened to you before.)

Deja ooh: The feeling you've exclaimed at these fireworks before.

Deja oops: The feeling you've spilled coffee on your keyboard before.

Deja pew: The feeling you've sat on this bench before.

Deja poo: The feeling you've stepped in this before.

Deja Q: The feeling you've encountered this entity before.

Deja queue The feeling you've stood in the long line before.

Deja rue: The feeling you've regretted this day before.

Deja stew: The feeling that this is made from the pot roast your mom served the week before.

Deja threw: The feeling you've thrown a thing away before.

Deja too: The feeling that you've experienced this before, also.

Deja two: The feeling that you've experienced this before, twice.

Deja view: The feeling you've seen this blogsite before.

Deja who: The feeling you've known who was on first before.

Deja whew: The feeling you've gotten out of the same mess before.

Deja woo: The feeling you've dated him or her before.

Deja you: The feeling that YOU have experienced this before.

Deja zoo: The feeling that the monkey has done this in public before.

DUH-ja-vu: The feeling that the answer was so obvious, that you "surely" should have known it before. DUH

(From someone else's original list, I added a bunch more to essentially double the size of the list.)



Jack K. said...

Deja too too: The feeling that this experience is just that.


Nankin said...

How about, deja snooze-the feeling that you've need a nap before.

Anonymous said...

Those are great! I loved:
Deja oops: The feeling you've spilled coffee on your keyboard before.


Sorry (again) for not visiting much - been toolin' around in my pumpkin PT!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Hale McKay said...

Deja snooze - I like that one, Nankin.

Hale McKay said...

LOL Jack. Too too much dejas?

Hale McKay said...

No problem, MArti. I haven't been visiting your site much lately either.

Serena said...

Deja cool post! LOL.