Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Taking a Bite Out of Crime

I'm sure some of you are familiar with the site The Generator Blog. If you are not, Gerard, the Webmaster there is having his web content stolen. By clicking on the link above you can read his posting about the theft.

He also has put up a link to the thief in question, who has had the audacity to not only steal his content, but the "smart" individual is even using Gerard's name and his e-mail address.

A lot of us fans to his site have taken up arms and visited the offender's site and in turn have been "flagging" it. Also, on two of five other blogs the blog crook has up and running, the comments feature has been enabled. Some of us have left the perpetrator our thoughts on his conduct.

Gerard's site provides links to generator sites across the web and is updated often. I have used images, fonts, captions, etc., here many times. I have seen the same on many sites on my blogroll.

Why not pay Gerard a visit and "flag" the thief too. If you have the time, leave a comment on the guy's other sites too.

I'll speak for Gerard - he'll appreciate it very much.

The images on this post were all created tonight from visiting just one of The Generator Blog's links. In addition to the most recent posts, his sidebar has links to literally a hundred or more generators from the web.

A visit to his site, especially if you've never been there, can turn into a visit of several hours if you're not careful.

While most of us, a lot of us, some of us, a few of us, a handful of us, I do "borrow" material from the web, it takes a downright LOWLIFE to steal an entire blog!

Won't YOU take a bite out of crime too?



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words regarding my site. It's very much appreciated.

Jack K. said...

Hale, thanks for the alert. I have ben to gerard's site. I have also gone to the scumbag's site and flagged it.

We do have to try to maintain honor and respect in cyberspace.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Well, I dunno. I think I'd pay good money to find a picture of an elephant foot made into an umbrella stand. Then again, maybe not. But it IS something that's been on my mind.