Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obomer Pyle


One Day At the Beach

High Tide

I thought when I first saw McCain and Obama in a photo together that they reminded me of someone. A duo, some comedy team, perhaps?

Laurel & Hardy? Abbot & Costello? Lewis & Martin? Beavis and Butthead?

Then it hit me! Sgt. Carter and Gomer Pyle!

Obomer Pyle, USMC*
*Unqualified Senatorial Muslim Cur

Sgt. McCain: Pyle, get down and give me twenty!
Pfc Obomer: Well, gaw-ollllll-y! Shazam, shazam!

Sgt. McCain: What the hell? Why are you dancing, Pyle?
Pfc Obomer: Well gaw-oll-y, Sgt. McCain. You told me to get down.

Sgt. McCain: Pyle! Why are you not saluting the flag?
Pfc Obomer: I'm a fence sitter, Sarge. I don't take sides.

Sgt. McCain: You're defending your country, Pyle. You have to take a side!
Pfc Obomer: Then I'll take a side of fries.

Sgt. McCain: Private, if I kick you out of the Marines, what would you do?
Pfc Obomer: Shazam, shazam! I'll become a lawyer!

Sgt. McCain: Pyle, you idiot. Even a lawyer has to take sides.
Pfc Obomer: No, Sarge. I'll just settle out of court.

Sgt. McCain: What kind of name is "Obomer" anyway, Pyle?
Pfc Obomer: Obomer is an Arabic-Swahili-Chicago street slang word. It means "camel."

Sgt. McCain: Camel Pyle. I should've guessed.



Fred said...

I was a huge Gomer Pyle fan growing up. Great parody.

Hale McKay said...


Thanks. Sgt. Carter was my favorite character on that program. You almost felt sorry for him having to deal with that rube.


Most ignorant waste of time I've read on a message board.

Undoubtedly created by some ignorant, in-bred tool incapable of intelligent thought . . and most likely a teabagging McCain-Palin supporter.

LOL @ this insignificant peon.

crafterab said...

bowdown you are just plain rude. i can only imagine who your master might be. you are the ignorant one.