Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You and Meme on the Roof Top

I wasn't distracted. I just had something else on my mind.

I don't usually do memes. I wasn't tagged for this one, but when I read the responses Lime gave to it, I decided to give it a go.

Finish the sentence with the first thought that comes to your mind.

I know....nothingk!*
I believe...there's some good in everyone.
I fought....the law and the law won.*
I am the current state of the economy..
I love...chocolate cake.
I be loved.
I prisoners.
I hear...ya.
I drink...only non-alcoholic drinks since 1992.
I hate...doing memes. (Even though I made an exception for this one.)
I trust everyone.
I want...some chocolate cake.
I like...drawing attention to myself.
I feel...with my hands and fingers.*
I wear...a baseball cap everywhere I go.
I heart in San Francisco.*
I do...unto others as I would have them do unto me.
I hope...this is the last meme to which I respond.
I dream....of Jeannie.*
I drive...a '98 GMC Sonoma pickup.
I oldies music.
I type...using the hunt and peck method.*
I think...therefore I am.*
I wish...I could meet the people on my blogroll.
I am...tired.
I regret...that I never finished college.
I care...what others think of me.
I should...have known better.
I said...NO!
I wonder.... Who wrote The Book of Love?*
I mind.
I the end of "Old Yeller." (At least my eyes get watery.)
I lose...track of time when I am online.
I stone unturned.
*With these responses, it appears that Lime and I think alike.

I'll close with the following funny truism that I lifted from Phils Phun :

It has been determined that having sex before participating in athletic activity, such as a marathon race, does not impair the athlete's performance.

In fact, men have known and displayed this for centuries.

After sex, they glance at their watches and say, "Oops, gotta run!"



lime said...

hahaha, well done. glad to know i'm not the only warped one out there.

kenju said...

Hale, I am sort of surprised at the photo up there. It easily could be construed as kiddie p*rn. She looks to be able 12-13.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Both elements (sides?) of this are very juicy, Mr. Point.

Hale McKay said...


I'm in good company.

Hale McKay said...


She does look young doesn't she? The picture came from Flicker, so I assume it's not kiddie p*rn - I hope it isn't.

Hale McKay said...


Why thank you Gene.