Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Change Is Good?

Sometimes you just need to step back and take a good look at yourself.
It wasn't exactly an epiphany, but I thought, "Hey, I need a new look!"
Comments from some readers complaining about that "sea of blue" were not lost on me. Many of you were having difficulty reading all or part of some of my postings. So I said to myself, "Self, we just cannot have that, can we?"
I had been following the Blogger News about their new Beta Blogger that was being launched. One bit of information that caught my attention was that eventually all Blogs will be converted to the new system.
I had put off changing my template in the past because of all of the things that would be lost in the transition. Call me lazy, if you wish, but I wasn't looking forward to rebuilding my Blog Roll and Site Links. Blogger has given me a kick in the pants! If a change was inevitable, then I felt I should get my butt in gear and do it now!
There are some definite differences. One that I just discovered while preparing this post was a new and improved Spell Checker. Be still your hearts out there, this Spell checker actually recognizes the words "Blog" and "Blogger!" Also, it is very fast! Publishing and Saving as Drafts is faster too. You know that clock thingy, which I call 'the ring of death,' you see when you click Publish? It's gone!
For the present, access to HTML coding isn't available, so I cannot figure out how to place a Visitor's Counter here yet. Some of the things I had on my previous Sidebar will be missing for a while until HTML access is available. (I miss my scrolling marquees.)
Please don't be offended or alarmed if you don't see your name on my Blog Roll. I'll be adding them all back - slowly but surely. It'll be a learning process all over again. Invaribly, you'll probly see more and more additions during your subsequent visits here. I guess you could say that this Site is currently "under construction."
The changes might be small and subtle at first. You might have to take a real close look to spot them. Thankfully, posting pictures is till easy. What would my Blog be without pictures and cartoons anyway?
That's all for now. I'm off to start working on the additions I want.
Thank you in advance for your patience.


jules said...

Change is not good. I don't like change. I'll go kicking and screaming.

Peter said...

Mikey, Mikey, you didn't read about copy and paste your sidebar components before changing!!!
It's not too late evidently, Blogger are saving your old template which you can access, copy (sidebar only) then put the components back in the add an element HTML spot.
Have a try before you go to too much trouble putting stuff in piece by piece.
Good luck, you'll love it when you get it all set up.

Karen said...

i like your new look! :-)

Miss Cellania said...

Its MUCH easier to read! And I can tell you from experience, its hard but worth it to start over with a blank slate occasionally.

I never thought I'd say this, but I wouldn't like working without html access.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Hey, Mike. I like it. Easier to read, but still the same good content. What more could we want?


Jack K. said...

Thanks for making it easier to read.

Thanks for echoing Peter's comments about the change to theBeta Blogger

LZ Blogger said...

I thought the whole idea behind blogging was to no longer have to do HTML coding. At least that's why I gave up my webpage updates! GOOD LUCK! ~ jb///

Thoughts said...

I was going to post a comment last night but it hadn't been enabled yet.

At first it was an "I don't like it!" thing but I guess I'll get used to it...

Nice to see that some people have the time to toss it up a bit...


Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I like your new page although I didn't have any trouble reading your old template. The writing is sure big on this one. I've noticed lately how fast pictures get posted, what an improvement...I don't know what they did, but I like it.

I don't know anything about changing my blog...I guess I'll just wait until they make me change. I don't even know what they're talking about...can you tell I'm not a techi?

Raggedy said...

You are worth waiting for babe!
I am a computer tech dummy...
I am still learning blogger even with its problems.
I am glad there are those savvy enough to venture into the new blogger advance and enhance things..
Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one

Cheri said...

Oh my! You shocked me! I had to check that it was you!! I want to change my blog template but I am afraid of losing everything...should I push the limits?!?! Maybe you can hold my hand while I do it! lol