Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Seeing What Will Stick

Blogger At Work!
Thanks Peter ! I saw that note about saving the sidebar data, but I jumped first! I'm figuring it out, one step keystroke at a time. I was able to retrieve my visitors counter.
Actually, I like the challenge of trying to figure out this Beta Blogger.
So to everyone who is contemplating making the change, take Peter's advice and save any elements of your sidebar that you want on your new Blog.
Well, back to rebuilding my Blog Roll! Maybe this time, I'll hit the fan!
A normal post, at least what I usually put up here, will be published tomorrow. (I hope.)


jules said...

Normal/Mikey? Oxymorons.

Jack K. said...

Ditto. lol

Thanks for sharing the journey of beta blogs.

I have already copied my sidebar data for the impending change to the new blogspot.

Miss Cellania said...

What I did was copy the entire html for the template to a text document. That was the only way I could be brave enough to mess with the template at all! A couple of times, I had to go back and paste it all back in. I could also go back and retrieve just the bits I needed if neccessary.

Emmy Ellis said...

LOL I spent a whole day doing mine, but knew to save my data. Poor you.


Peter said...

Mike if you go to "edit html" the last option is "view classic template" you will be able to copy missing elements from there and they should paste into your Beta Blogger in add an element HTML Java Script.

Hale McKay said...

Yes, Peter. I discovered the "classic" HTML - that's how i got my counter. Thank goodness that option was there for us dummies who didn't copy the info.

Shannon akaMonty said...

WOW! When I got here I thought for a minute I was in the wrong place! :)

I think I'm not brave enough to do much of anything to my site.

That's what my buddy Cybervassals is for. :D