Monday, September 22, 2008

A Blog With Lipstick Is Still A Blog

With first of the debates between McCain and Obama looming large, I am wondering what topics will create the most heated exchanges.
Moderator: Senator Obama, what do think of the debate process?
Sen Obama: The secret of good fishing is debate you put on dahook.

Moderator: What do think are the most important issues?
Sen Obama: That's a tough one, but I'd have to say it's a tossup between the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and the Playboy Playmate Review issue.

Moderator: Governor Palin, what do you say are the most important issues?
Gov Palin: I'm partial to Field & Stream myself.

Joe Biden: Governor Palin, what does Field & Stream put in their centerfolds, moose?
Moderator: Senator Biden, you weren't called on to speak yet.
Gov Palin: I'm sure the Senator from Delaware wouldn't know a moose if he saw one.
Moderator: Okay. I'm sure the American public would like to hear your response, Mr. Biden.
Joe Biden: I do know that the difference between and a moose and an Alaskan housewife is the plaid jacket ... and lipstick!

Moderator: Senator McCain, I'm sure the American voters are concerned about your apparent confusion over the number of residences you own. Would you care to comment on that?
Sen McCain: It's quite simple really. I was putting the cart before the mule. I was counting the White House as home, rather prematurely, of course.

Moderator: Governor Palin, what would you do to clean up the mess in our government?
Gov Palin: Cleaning up messes is my specialty. Just the other day I had to clean our refrigerator at home.
Moderator: How do you equate cleaning a refrigerator to the state of our nation's government?
Gov Palin: I was using that as a metaphor. You see, our refrigerator was such a mess that the sour cream had gone good!

Moderator: Another topic of great interest to the voters is the concern for the protection of our financial institutions. They fear their stocks, mutual funds, and 401-Ks are in jeopardy.

Joe Biden: Governor Palin can put on all the lipstick she wants, but if you put lipstick on a buzzard, it's still a buzzard!

Hillary Clinton: Who are you calling a buzzard?

Yes, the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates for 2008 will be interesting. They promise to be the highest rated and most watched debates in history. Or not.



Skunkfeathers said...

LOL...I reckon the debates will have their own respective spins applied, with a whole lot of latitude given the side best able to say alot without saying a thing
(aka, Oblahblah/Obiden).

Hale McKay said...


I remember some government official (Who? I don't recall) saying to Biden: "You are known for your Manic-obsessive running of the mouth"